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Industrial engineering emerged with the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century. Due to the increasing need for production and profit at both local and international levels, including the export of surplus from various industries, this field became a pursuit for many individuals. Consequently, universities and vocational schools began focusing on it and developing distinguished educational programs for all academic degrees (bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD) to train a generation of engineers capable of maintaining and manufacturing modern machinery.

Therefore, the industrial engineeing major focuses on the manufacturing and development of production machines and equipment, making it one of the most essential branches of engineering indispensable in the factory, company, and various institutional sectors. Turkish universities prepare students both theoretically and practically by involving them in the manufacture and development of various devices alongside teaching them the basics of maintenance and control.

Importance of Industrial Engineering major

This major significantly contributes to economic growth and industrial advancement, as industrial engineers develop devices and machinery to serve communities and assist major business owners in producing the largest volume of products with high quality and at a low cost for competition in local and global markets. Students also conduct various researches that help them contribute to the development of the industry and solve problems facing factories and institutions.

Curriculum of Industrial Engineering Specialty

The duration of study at Turkish universities is four years for the bachelor’s degree and includes a variety of study programs, though the content may vary from one university to another. Students should verify the course description on the university website they wish to enroll in before registering.

 First Academic Year

  • Communication skills
  • Introduction to Industrial Engineering
  • Physics
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Algebra
  • Mathematics

Second Academic Year

  • Critical Thinking
  • Economic Principles in Industrial Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Research Operations
  • Manufacturing Operations

Third Academic Year

  • Engineering Economics
  • Advanced Research Operations
  • Quality Management
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Project Management

Fourth Academic Year

  • Simulation of Engineering Systems
  • Engineering Management
  • Facility Planning

Example: Click here to view the courses taught for the Industrial Engineering specialty at Bahçeşehir University Istanbul

Career Prospects for Industrial Engineering Graduates

  • Working in factories as industrial engineers
  • Serving as consultants to industries and supervisors of production processes
  • Engaging in the academic field as faculty members
  • Working as industrial product developers and contributing to the expansion of production lines
  • Quality consultants
  • Industrial operations analysts

Leading Turkish Universities Offering Industrial Engineering

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