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Register for Qatar Airways Student Club Program

2021-01-29T18:20:24+03:0023 January, 2021|Educational News, General News, اخبار اوكي تمام, الأخبار التعليمية, الاخبار|

International students can now Join Student Club Program powered by Qatar Airways and OK TAMAM Group has a cooperation with Qatar Airways to register in the club and receive all the benefits. ...

June 2016

Bülent Ecevit University

2016-06-09T14:51:27+03:009 June, 2016|Educational News|

Bülent Ecevit University  ABOUT: Bülent Ecevit University was established in 1992.  Zonguldag state where is one of the important cities in the Black sea, is located in the north of Turkey. Instruction ...

Osmaniye Korkut Ata University

2016-06-09T14:52:26+03:008 June, 2016|Educational News|

Osmaniye Korkut Ata University  ABOUT: It is a state university, was founded recently in 2007 by Erdogan's Government. Osmaniye is a new Turkish governorate that established in 1996, Osmaniye was governed by ...


2016-06-05T09:17:52+03:004 June, 2016|Educational News|

ANKARA UNIVERSITY ABOUT: It is a state university, was founded in 1946. Medium Instructions are Turkish, English and Germany. Ankara University, which is the oldest university in Turkey, is located in Ankara. ...


2016-06-05T13:25:31+03:004 June, 2016|Educational News|

KILIS 7 Aralik UNIVERSITY ABOUT: It is a state university which was founded in 2007 in KILIS city. The name of the university comes from the date when the city of Kilis ...