Be an ambassador for OK TAMAM

OK TAMAM Group offers everyone the opportunity to join its team through the specially designed Ambassador Program, which aims to facilitate and assist students in completing the registration process at one of the distinguished Turkish universities, guided by one of its ambassadors.

Established in 1992, OK TAMAM Group provides legal consulting services and various other services in Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East. The group specializes in educational consultancy services, acting as agents for over 100 universities worldwide, in addition to company formation services and more.

About the OK TAMAM Ambassadors Program

The Ambassadors Program allows anyone to earn up to $500 or the equivalent in Turkish Lira by ensuring the successful registration of a new student at one of the prestigious Turkish universities represented by OK TAMAM. 

Steps to join the OK TAMAM Ambassadors Program and earn a cash reward of up to $500:

You can join the official Telegram group for more details and updates and to connect with the OK TAMAM Ambassadors team.

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