Public Universities in Turkey

Like other countries, Turkey’s universities vary in quality from modest to highly advanced, some of which have a high international ranking and a prestigious status among developed nations. What sets Turkey apart is the vast number of universities, nearly 200 public and private, thus increasing the diversity and varying strength of its institutions.

Turkey includes some major universities that do not accept the general high school diploma without their own entrance exam or recognition of their exam by other universities. This test is called the YÖS. However, this does not mean that a high school diploma is not required—it is still a necessary condition for admission. These universities overlook the grades obtained in your high school diploma and do not consider them in the competition for seats in their colleges and departments. Instead, your scores on the YÖS entrance exam determine which department you will be admitted to.

For more information about the YÖS exam, you can visit the following link: [Learn about the YÖS exam]

There are also universities that do not require any entrance exams, but they require high grades in the high school diploma. These universities select students for their colleges either based on the high school diploma or a supporting test like the SAT or YÖS, but they give greater priority to the supporting exam and to students who take these tests.

For more information about the SAT exam, visit the following link: [Learn about the SAT exam]

There are also universities where admission can be obtained through the high school diploma alone, and students may be accepted into medical or engineering faculties without additional tests. These universities are located in remote cities far from Istanbul and Ankara, where the more prestigious universities are concentrated. Due to the lack of competition, admission into these universities is generally easier.

The high school diploma

This is the certificate obtained after completing high school or preparatory education in your country. It is called different names in some countries, such as the baccalaureate in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, and the Tawjihi in Jordan and Palestine. This diploma does not have an expiry date, and you must equate your diploma with the Turkish high school certificate.

Learn more about diploma equivalency in Turkey through the following link: [Diploma Equivalency in Turkey]

Supporting Tests

These are tests that strengthen the high school diploma required by most Turkish universities for competition for seats in their colleges and departments. The most common and popular tests are as follows:

SAT exam: [Learn about the SAT exam]

YÖS exam: [Learn about the YÖS exam]

TOEFL language certification: [Learn more about the

TOEFL exam]

IELTS foreign language certificate: [Learn more about the IELTS exam]

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