Public Universities in Turkey

Information about State Universities in Turkey

In a previous article, we mentioned the steps of how you can study in Turkey, we also mentioned the reasons that may motivate you to study in Turkey.


Now we will talk about the top state universities in Turkey.

We recommend state Universities to you and if you intend to enroll in any of them because of Budget concerns, you have three levels to choose from high-level universities, middle-level universities, low-level universities.

Note: currently we provide admission services in Private universities only.

Turkey, like all other countries where the levels of its universities between the modest and advanced, and so superior which have a global classification and listed in the top universities among developed countries.

However, what distinguishes Turkey, it is a large number of universities, it has almost 200+ universities divided into the public and private universities and thus there is a variety and different strengths points of its universities.

In Turkey, some major universities do not accept high school certificate without their admission exam (YÖS) or some other universities that recognize their admission exam. This does not mean that the high school certificate is not required, high school certificate is necessary for admission to these universities, but not mainly taken into consideration, as the score of the YÖS exam determines the section that you will be registered in the university.

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