Advantages of Studying in Turkish Cyprus

Turkish Cyprus offers a rich experience for international students interested in studying abroad. It combines high-quality education, easy university admissions, and living and studying costs suitable for students from various countries around the world. Additionally, Cyprus is renowned for its educational and touristic excellence.

Advantages of Studying Turkish Cyprus

There are several reasons to consider studying at universities in Cyprus. We’d like to share with you the most important advantages of studying in Turkish Cyprus in the following lines.

Quality Education and Affordable Costs

Turkish Cypriot universities are known for continuously developing their teaching systems, alongside emphasizing practical and hands-on training to meet educational quality standards. Higher education in Cyprus is also characterized by its relatively low costs, making it a preferred choice for many.

English-Medium Instruction

Universities in Turkish Cyprus offer numerous programs in English to provide educational opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds worldwide.

Culturally Diverse Environment

Students enrolled in Turkish Cypriot universities enjoy living in an environment characterized by cultural diversity, offering them opportunities to interact with multiple cultures from various backgrounds, expand their horizons, and develop communication skills.

Ease of Admission

Turkish Cypriot universities do not impose any complex requirements, allowing international students to enroll without the need for IELTS or TOEFL certificates. Obtaining visas and residency is also simplified.

Tourism in Turkish Cyprus

The island of Cyprus boasts breathtaking historical and natural landmarks. In addition to archaeological sites like temples and ancient palaces, students take advantage of being on the island to visit these remarkable areas and enjoy the unique student life.

Health Insurance

Most universities in Cyprus provide medical services to students through campus clinics. Moreover, Cypriot universities contract with health insurance companies to offer comprehensive healthcare at reduced costs for students.

Life in Turkish Cyprus

Cyprus blends Turkish and Greek cultures spanning centuries. The large number of tourists throughout the year enriches the cultural diversity on the island. Residents enjoy this unique cultural and civilizational mix, and students during their study period in Turkish Cyprus have a complete academic and life experience that helps them grow and develop. They have access to numerous activities; for example, students can engage in various water activities on its stunning beaches during weekends.

Advantages of Applying for Study in Turkish Cyprus through OK TAMAM

Students enrolled in Turkish Cypriot universities through OK TAMAM benefit from many exclusive advantages and services, including:

  • Special discount on tuition fees of up to 50%.
  • Free university admissions.
  • Experts and consultants to help you choose the right major.
  • Support for obtaining visas.
  • Assistance in finding suitable accommodation.
  • Certificate equivalency services.
  • Providing a specialized employee to accompany the student during their first time at the university and assist them in the registration process.
  • Assisting students in completing residency procedures.
  • Free health insurance.
  • Transportation card.
  • OK TAMAM card (cardholders receive discounts and numerous benefits in many educational institutions).

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