Turkish private universities

are the preferred destinations for thousands of students from all over the world who are seeking high-quality education, and unique career path. Furthermore being listed in the Top-Ranked European universities in terms of qualifying graduates for business world, Turkish private universities offer a wide range of programs and majors available in both English and Turkish languages with no admission tests required.

OK TAMAM Group is the authorized agent of the Best Turkish Universities in Ankara, Istanbul and Northern Cyprus. We guarantee easy admission and special discounts up to 75% on the tuition for students who apply through OK TAMAM Group.
OK TAMAM Group also fulfills required steps for the students in terms of admission, starting with application, and ending with assisting them through the Turkish residence permit procedures in Turkey at no charge.

Admission tests such as YOS or SAT aren’t required for the listed universities as the students will be accepted only with submitting a high school diploma.

Tuition Fees:

OK TAMAM Group doesn’t charge any fees for students’ applications in the Turkish universities, it’s totally free. So all financial transactions take place directly between the student and the university, and the tuition expenses are transferred directly from the student’s bank account to the university, or via direct payment at the university.

Study In Turkey

Benefits of Applying with OK TAMAM Group

  • Submitting your application to the university with a guaranteed admission at no charge.
  • Partial scholarships and exclusive discounts on tuition fees up to 75%.
  • A team of experts qualified to recognize your strengths to help you to decide on the suitable major.
  • We provide letters from the university directed to the Turkish embassy in your country which make it much easier to obtain your visa.
  • Receiving the student and his companions at the airport at a cost clearly stated in advance.
  • Provide help for students through residence permit procedures.
  • We start the process of preparing the student’s certificate equivalency upon arrival.
  • A qualified employee assists the student to complete the registration steps at the university.
  • Providing free health insurance for the students.
  • Providing a personal phone line for the student and a transportation card.
  • Getting discounts up to 50% on travel and studying languages in Europe.
  • We provide our students with collaborative and comprehensive educational consultations throughout university years.
  • The students will get the OK TAMAM Group card that gives them exclusive discounts and financial facilities in Turkey.

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