Best Private Turkish Universities

We mentioned in a previous article reason for studying in Turkey

Now we will talk about the Top Private Universities in Turkey.

Private universities in Turkey are distinctive universities that do not require admission examinations. Private universities occupy a global ranking among the world’s universities, where all majors are available, academic programs are provided in English or Turkish. However, Most of the private universities offer programs 100% taught in English.

Our main goal at OK TAMAM is to provide quality education through several opportunities abroad, in addition to academic and personal support. Because we are one of the best educational services agencies in Turkey, students registered through OK TAMAM have an opportunity to receive a discount up to 75% on the tuition fees.

Private universities in Turkey are distinctive universities that do not require any admission examinations and the high school degree is admitted by them.

Tuition fees: The financial transactions are conducting between only the student and the university, so the company has nothing to do with this.
OK TAMAM Group is an educational agent, not an intermediary, and all fees Installment are paid directly to the university either through the bank account or directly within the university. OK TAMAM is a strategic partner with many universities, providing technical support to international students in Turkey.

OK TAMAM Group’s services for students who want to register in one of the Private Turkish Universities that we have cooperated with.

  • Completion of all university registration procedures free of charge, until the student receives the final acceptance letter.
  • Receiving students from the airport after coordination with the education department and reporting their arrival dates to Turkey
  • Students enrolled through us receive discounts up to 75% of tuition fees because we are the best educational agent for nearly 30 private universities in Turkey
  • We provide all educational consultations for free by our specialists in the educational services department
  • We also provide a Sim card for your cellphone and transportation card for free.
  • Assist in selecting the appropriate department, program, and suitable university for the students.
  • Assist students and guide them to equivalence their degrees according to each degree.
  • We continue to support our students during their studies and until they graduate from university.
  • Helping students obtain accommodation at the university or in private apartment that suits student’s needs and desires.
  • Completion of all procedures for obtaining student residence for free through our department of housing and Health Insurance.

List of private universities in Turkey

University City
 bau Bahçeşehir University Istanbul European side
Bahçeşehir University Northern Cyprus
kultur Istanbul Kültür University Istanbul European side
جامعة التن باش altınbaş üniversitesi Istanbul European side
جامعة أوزيجين Özyeğin University Istanbul Asian side
جامعة أوكان Okan University Istanbul Asian side
جامعة اسطنبول شهير Istanbul Şehir University Istanbul Asian side
جامعة قادر هاس Kadir Has University Istanbul Asian side
جامعة اسكودار Üsküdar University Istanbul Asian side
جامعة سابانجي Sabancı University Istanbul Asian side
جامعة ايشك Ishik University Istanbul Asian side
جامعة بيلكنت Bilkent University Ankara
جامعة اسطنبول ايدن Istanbul Aydın University Istanbul European side
 جامعة باشكينت BAŞKENT University Ankara
 جامعة بيكنت Beykent University Istanbul European side
جامعة اسطنبول جيليشيم Istanbul Gelisim University Istanbul European side
Istinye University Istanbul European side
جامعة أتيـليم Atılım University Ankara
  Yeditepe University Istanbul Asian side