Advantages of studying in Egypt

Egypt, a global educational hub, is an exceptional educational destination where cultures and nationalities from Arab, African, and Mediterranean neighboring countries and from around the world blend. Egypt is not just about its unique tourist attractions but also its safe environment and friendly people. This safety, combined with the warm welcome extended to visitors, makes the years of study in Egypt a delightful and enriching experience for international students, enabling them to achieve maximum benefit.

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Why study in Egypt?

Several reasons motivate international students to choose to study in Egypt. Let’s explore them through the following points:

Quality of higher education

Egyptian universities are characterized by offering higher education with high academic quality, adopting the latest teaching methods, and providing modern educational facilities and large comprehensive libraries to help students find various information and conduct research in multiple fields.

Diversity of universities and academic programs

Egypt hosts a vast number of government, private, and international universities, offering various academic programs in fields such as medicine, engineering, sciences, technology, arts, social sciences, and humanities for all academic levels: bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees.

Standard of living

You can enjoy a decent quality of life in Egypt at minimal costs. Studying and living expenses are affordable and low; students have various student accommodation options at reduced costs, making finding suitable accommodation accessible. Additionally, transportation costs in Egypt are reasonable, and internet, communication services, and electricity are available at reduced costs, making it easier for students to manage monthly expenses and benefit from their study experience without a significant financial burden.

Ease of integration and forming friendships from different nationalities

Egypt serves as a cultural melting pot, hosting thousands of nationalities from various countries worldwide. Egyptians peacefully coexist with their brothers from those nationalities. The Egyptian people are known for being friendly and hospitable, welcoming expatriates and helping them adapt. Therefore, it is easy for international students to meet new friends and form strong relationships that will last a lifetime.


Egypt is considered one of the top tourist destinations worldwide, attracting tourists throughout the year due to its moderate climate. It is unlike European countries that experience extreme cold and significant temperature drops, nor does it resemble Gulf countries known for high temperatures in most seasons.

Tourism and recreation

Egypt offers an exceptional experience for everyone who visits it. Visitors enjoy the charm of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean beaches and engage in various water sports. Additionally, visitors enjoy unique opportunities to explore history and culture through visits to museums, Pharaonic temples, and diverse archaeological sites.


Egypt is famous for its delicious cuisine and diverse restaurants, ranging from budget-friendly eateries serving popular dishes to fast-food and luxurious restaurants. Moreover, students who prefer cooking can shop at local markets or supermarkets and cook in their accommodation. Incoming students never have to worry about food due to the variety of meals and choices available.

These advantages are just a part of a wide range of benefits that make studying in Egypt an exceptional choice. Egypt has become a distinguished educational destination for many Arab students due to the significant development of the higher education system, the global reputation of Egyptian universities, especially international universities in Egypt, and the substantial facilitations provided by the Egyptian government for incoming students.