Living Costs in Malaysia

Malaysia is among the countries that attract international students from around the world to study due to its high educational quality, low living costs in all aspects, and the diversity of university options available to students at reasonable tuition fees. Students can choose between:

تكاليف المعيشة في ماليزيا
تكاليف المعيشة في ماليزيا

Living Costs in Malaysia

One of the main attractions for international students in Malaysia is the low cost of living compared to other developed countries with similarly high educational quality. Based on our experiences and personal living experiences in Malaysia, a budget of $350 is quite sufficient for a student.



Students have several options, as follows:

  • On-campus Housing: This type of accommodation is affiliated with the university and its cost is determined based on the services provided. There are single rooms, shared rooms, and accommodations that include meal plans. The cost, whether monthly or annually, is determined by the student’s choice and the university’s system.
  • Shared Housing: The cost of this type of housing is determined by many factors, including the location, size of the accommodation, available furnishings and services, as well as the area and street, and its proximity to universities. Naturally, shared housing is cheaper than private housing. Speaking of an approximate monthly figure for a shared housing system providing a separate room for a student alone in an apartment in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, the cost ranges from 400 to 600 Ringgit, which is approximately ($100 – $150 USD).
  • Private Housing: The factors mentioned above for shared housing are the same ones that determine the monthly cost of private housing in terms of the city, location, size of the place, its fittings, and the quality of available furniture. The cost of suitable private housing can reach approximately 1200 Ringgit per month, which is about $345 USD. It’s worth noting that housing at this price is typically found in the suburbs and regions near the capital. However, if one desires private housing within Kuala Lumpur itself, the cost could potentially double.
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Food, Drink, and Clothing

If a student prefers to prepare their meals, 600 Ringgit or $150 is considered a very suitable monthly amount. This estimate is intended to cover three daily meals, and a student may spend less than this amount depending on their personal needs and budgeting skills.


Regarding clothing, Malaysia generally has a summer climate, and both local and international brands are widely available at distinctive prices. Approximately $150 per month should suffice to meet a student’s clothing needs on average, with each student able to control their shopping level according to their needs.

Transportation in Malaysia

Malaysia excels in its transport sector, offering excellent public and private transportation services that make it unnecessary to own a car. For instance, trains are a very convenient means of transportation within Malaysia, connecting various areas in Kuala Lumpur and neighboring cities. They allow for easy movement between stations for short and long distances. Ticket prices range from one to three Ringgit approximately, depending on the distance. Additionally, there are public buses, subways, cable cars in some places, and private taxis.


Students are advised to purchase the discounted train card called Touch ‘n Go for only 10 Ringgit, which is sometimes distributed for free. This card saves the hassle of waiting in ticket queues. Using the UBER app in Malaysia is also recommended as it saves money and is very reasonably priced.

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Health Insurance

Students receive a health insurance card from their university, allowing access to healthcare at most clinics for minor health issues. In cases of accidents or surgeries, the insurance covers about 75% of the expenses at private hospitals, with the student covering the remainder.

Personal Expenses

Personal expenses vary from person to person, depending on each student’s lifestyle and priority management. However, it can be said that personal expenses for a student in Malaysia range between 100 and 200 Ringgit ($25 to $50), covering all personal needs from hair care, clothing, entertainment like cinema, and other necessities.

From the above, we find that the total living costs in Malaysia range between 1,000 – 1,500 Ringgit ($350 – $400) monthly, or 12,000 – 18,000 Ringgit ($3,000 – $4,500) annually per student.

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