Registering at Egyptian Universities

Egyptian universities welcome international students from all around the world. Egypt boasts a selection of top universities renowned for teaching methods and education that rival the best universities globally. Egyptian universities also offer a variety of services to their students, including medical care and diverse recreational and cultural activities. Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of academic programs, at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Let’s explore how to register at Egyptian universities and the required conditions and documents…

الجامعات المصرية

Conditions for Registration at Egyptian Universities

For admission to private Egyptian universities for undergraduate studies, a high school diploma (Baccalaureate) is required.

As for the required average in the high school certificate, it varies depending on the major the student chooses, as follows:

Medical Colleges

  • Minimum acceptance rate: 58%

Other Colleges

  • Minimum acceptance rate: 55%

Steps to Register at Egyptian Universities

After obtaining a high school diploma or its equivalent, students can contact the OK TAMAM team via the official website to help secure a study seat at one of the private Egyptian universities.

Foreign student registration at Egyptian universities occurs in two phases:

First Phase:

Preliminary acceptance stage, where the student pays the application fees on the website of the General Administration for International Students, and is required to send a photo of the high school diploma and specify preferences (the majors the student wishes to study). The student then receives a preliminary acceptance letter.

Second Phase

After obtaining preliminary acceptance, the student completes their original documents, gets them authenticated, and sends them to the university where they received acceptance. The university then sends what is called an “incoming student acceptance letter” so the student can apply for a visa. It is worth noting that anyone can enter Egypt with a regular entry visa and then upgrade it to a student visa.

Required Documents
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Valid passport
  • Original birth certificate
  • Original high school diploma
  • Original high school transcript
  • Copy of the diploma equivalency from the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt
  • Aptitude test result for colleges that require this test (students must follow the college’s website they wish to join to know the test date and results)
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate (for students wishing to register for a master’s program)
  • Master’s degree certificate (for students wishing to register for a doctoral program)