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OK TAMAM... Because you deserve the best
"Because you deserve the best" is not merely a slogan for the OK TAMAM group; it embodies its true goal and vision. OK TAMAM comprises a team of experts and specialists who provide diverse educational services to students, ensuring that services are provided at the highest level of quality.

OK TAMAM team excels at deeply understanding students' needs and requirements, aiming to guide them on the optimal path to achieving their academic and professional goals. Whether you are a student seeking to study abroad or looking for admission to one of the accredited universities that OK TAMAM collaborates with, you will find all the support and guidance through our specialized team.

As an accredited agent for several universities worldwide, OK TAMAM is ready to assist you in accessing distinctive educational opportunities in various countries such as Turkey, Malaysia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Uzbekistan, and Egypt. We ensure you receive the best educational experiences by being a trusted partner in your academic journey.

OK TAMAM Company was established in 1992 in Kuwait, and it has expanded its presence with branches in Turkey, Egypt, and other countries. The company provides services related to company establishment, legal consultations, and other business activities. However, educational services stand out as the company's flagship, leveraging its extensive experience and reputation in the field of educational consultancy and other services that students require for studying abroad.

OK TAMAM Services

Through the OK TAMAM group, students can access a comprehensive range of educational services, making their academic experiences smooth and enjoyable without obstacles. Starting from the student contacting educational experts, they are guided to choose the appropriate major and university that meets their needs. Moreover, their support continues throughout their study period until successful graduation from the university. OK TAMAM services are available through various packages, including the following:

  • Secure university admission for free
  • Special discounts of up to 75% on tuition fees
  • Facilitation of visa and residence procedures
  • Assistance in finding suitable accommodation for students
  • Airport reception services
  • Provision of transportation cards and health insurance
  • Free educational consultations throughout the study period

OK TAMAM also allows students to meet with contracted university representatives through organized exhibitions. These exhibitions have successfully reached the largest number of students, helping them explore top universities and secure partial and full scholarships to fulfill their academic dreams.

OK TAMAM Mobile Application
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OK TAMAM, represented by its distinguished team holding multiple certifications in educational consultancy, provides services to students aspiring to study abroad, specifically in Turkey and Europe. OK TAMAM is considered the best educational agent for over 50 universities in Turkey. For this reason, students applying to Turkish universities through us receive exclusive discounts on tuition fees of up to 75%. It’s important to note that all our services are 100% free, and we do not charge any fees for registration at private Turkish universities.

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