The Best Private Universities in Egypt

Private universities in Egypt offer a diverse range of programs that cater to the ambitions of students and their parents, ensuring the graduation of fully qualified individuals for the modern job market. These universities provide all the branches and specializations sought by students, in either Arabic or English depending on the field, which attracts many international students, especially Arabs.

Private universities in Egypt are committed to providing high-quality higher education; they equip themselves with modern academic facilities and employ experienced and competent faculty members. These universities are known for their appropriate student density, allowing for greater attention to each student in terms of practical training, classroom interaction with professors, and student activities. Additionally, the admission requirements at Egyptian private universities are not complicated.

الجامعات التركية

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List of Top Private Universities in Egypt

  • American University AUC: Cairo
  • German University GUC: Cairo
  • British University BUE: Shorouk – Greater Cairo
  • 6th of October University: October – Giza
  • Misr University of Science and Technology (MUST): October – Giza
  • October University of Modern Sciences and Arts MSA: October – Giza
  • Al-Ahram Canadian University: October – Giza
  • Misr International University MIU: El Obour – Cairo
  • Future University: New Cairo
  • Nile University: October – Giza
  • Sinai University: Al-Arish – North Sinai
  • Nahda University: Beni Suef
  • Badr University: Badr – Cairo
  • Egyptian Russian University: Badr – Cairo
  • Heliopolis University: Cairo
  • Pharos University: Alexandria
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