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Malaysia is a preferred educational destination for many students, thanks to its numerous qualities and high educational standards. These factors have made it a significant educational destination for both Arab and international students. Begin your educational journey in Malaysia and register now through the OK TAMAM Group.

OK TAMAM Group is an international organization present in several countries, offering its services in Turkey, Malaysia, Canada, Poland, and Latvia. The OK TAMAM Group was awarded the Best Educational Agent for the year 2015-2016 and provides its services free of charge, as it acts as an agent for universities rather than an intermediary between students and universities.

OK TAMAM Services

OK TAMAM offers its students a variety of services, including those provided before their arrival in Malaysia and others offered after their arrival in Malaysia.

Our services for students before coming to Malaysia:

  1. Educational consultants accompany you throughout your search for the optimal university, providing university offers suitable for various academic levels and disciplines.

  2. Assurance of your university acceptance for all academic levels, including diplomas, foundation degrees, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, regardless of your previous educational certificate.

  3. Guarantee of academic seats for students in various colleges, institutes, and universities that offer high-quality education and have a good reputation.

  4. Assistance in obtaining the student visa by informing the student about the requirements and steps to obtain the visa, according to the latest updates.

  5. Preparation of the student’s visa file within the Ok Tamam office, in addition to accompanying the student to the embassy.

  6. Provision of special discounted offers and scholarships from the tuition fees in various colleges and universities.

Our services for students after arriving in Malaysia:

  1. Airport pickup service, regardless of the time or date of arrival.

  2. Hosting our students in one of our partner hotels in Kuala Lumpur, located near the universities. All hotels are 4 stars or above, providing high-quality services.

  3. Our team is ready to assist all students in obtaining their basic needs, such as converting money to the Malaysian currency, purchasing a mobile phone SIM card, and all other necessities during the first three nights in Malaysia.

  4. Accompanying translator for our students who do not speak English during the university registration process.

The cost of living in Malaysia

The cost of living in Malaysia makes it one of the most attractive countries for international students. This is attributed to the high quality of academic education and the lower tuition fees and living expenses compared to other countries… Read more

Student Visa for Traveling to Malaysia

All foreign students are required to obtain a student visa to come to Malaysia and study there… Read more 

Universities in Malaysia:

Malaysia is home to numerous government and private universities that offer accredited degrees and welcome international students from various parts of the world… Read more

Ok Tamam's Contracts with Malaysian Universities:

The OK TAMAM Group visited Malaysia and engaged with the largest Malaysian universities, whether government or private, to establish contracts for the purpose of assisting foreign students interested in studying in Malaysia.

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Success Partners

OK TAMAM is always proud of its partners around the world as we continuously strive together to achieve the best benefit for our customers