Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in Turkey

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in Turkey

Psychology is a scientific exploration of living organisms’ behavior, aiming to comprehend, elucidate, predict, and manage such behavior. It also delves into behavioral aspects of the mind and perception. Attracting intellectually curious students, the study of psychology seeks to unravel the intricacies of the human psyche and elucidate the behaviors of living organisms. Embracing scientific scrutiny of behavior, mind, and personality by getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology in Turkey with well-equipped lecture halls, advanced curricula, and highly competent professors.

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology

The significance of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology in Turkey lies in its engaging nature, fostering critical thinking, innovative ideation, and understanding of diverse personality types. Turkish universities, particularly private ones, excel in delivering psychology education. Distinguished by a faculty comprising Ph.D. holders from prestigious institutions worldwide, these universities empower students with precise explanations and information, encouraging them to think critically and formulate new theories in psychology.

Moreover, studying psychology at private Turkish universities emphasizes high-quality academic training, enhancing students’ skills to prepare them for future roles in various public and private sectors. Potential career paths include positions in health centers, community centers, mental health facilities, and rehabilitation centers.

For those considering to study psychology in Turkey, the application process can be facilitated through OK TAMAM, ensuring admission to reputable Turkish universities specializing in psychology.

Key aspects to consider getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology in Turkey

Language of Study: Psychology programs are available in both English and Turkish at private Turkish universities.

Acceptance Criteria: High academic grades in high school are not a strict requirement; a high school diploma with an academic grade exceeding 50% is sufficient.

Duration of Study: A bachelor’s degree in psychology typically spans four years. In comparison, postgraduate studies in Turkey involve two years for a master’s degree and four years for a doctoral degree in psychology.

Cost of Study: Tuition fees for psychology studies vary among universities. Some indicative fees for bachelor’s programs, after discounts, include:

  • Istanbul Kultur University (Turkish): $4250
  • Altinbas University: $4000
  • Nişantaşı University (English): $2950 (Turkish): $2450
  • Işık University (English/Turkish): $3600
  • Bahçeşehir University: $7900

(Note: Fees are subject to change; verify with the respective university or OK TAMAM for the latest information.)

To explore the field further, delve into the lives and contributions of renowned psychologists throughout history, such as Ibn Khaldun, Alfred Adler, Sigmund Freud, William James, Abraham Maslow, and Jean Piaget.

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