Master of Communication Degree in Turkey

Master of Communication Degree in Turkey

The Master’s degree program in Communication Studies in Turkey has risen to prominence, driven by the demand from companies, embassies, and various organizations for individuals equipped with a strong grasp of communication studies and adeptness in leveraging diverse communication channels to enhance interactions with individuals and institutions. These channels encompass electronic mediums like emails and social media platforms employing images, videos, and proficiently crafted advertising and news content. Moreover, direct communication tactics such as arranging meetings, exhibitions, and conferences are employed to forge robust networks and cultivate a favorable perception of the company or institution within its industry peers.

Master of Communication Degree in Turkey

The importance of pursuing a Master’s degree in Communication Studies in Turkey is underscored by the tailored programs offered by leading Turkish universities. These programs are designed to allow students with undergraduate degrees in communication or related fields to delve deeper into the subject matter, thereby opening avenues to lucrative career prospects. The curriculum of the Master’s degree in Communication Studies encompasses a spectrum of topics, including cultural communication, media, political communication (e.g., journalism and news presentation), and communication from philosophical and social perspectives. Students are imparted with influential communication theories and principles and equipped with diverse research methodologies and data analysis techniques to apply them excellently.

Graduates holding a Master’s degree in Communication Studies have a wide array of career opportunities available to them, including roles such as communication officers in embassies and foreign ministries, content creators in marketing and public relations fields, event planners for exhibitions and conferences, and news presenters or correspondents in newspapers and magazines.

Tuition fees for Master’s degree in Communication Studies in Turkey, after discounts

  • Istanbul Gelisim University (in Turkish) – 3500$
  • Istanbul Bilgi University (in English) – 12,500$

Please note that the mentioned fees are subject to change, so visiting the university’s page is advisable to confirm the current tuition fees and any discounts OK TAMAM offers.

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