PhD Degree in Turkey in English and Turkish

PhD Degree in Turkey in English & Turkish

Today, pursuing a doctoral degree has become very common among students worldwide. In the doctoral stage, students delve deeper into their chosen specialization, supervised by professors in their field of study. Today, we will focus on studying for a phd degree in Turkey and everything a student may want to know about it.

PhD Degree in Turkey

Turkey follows the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) and the Credit Hours System. Turkish universities offer distinguished Ph.D. programs based on organizing seminars, courses, research, and evaluations approximately every six months. This includes proposing a thesis, a competency exam, and submitting and orally defending the thesis before a committee of specialized academics.

The PhD program and thesis are supervised by various committees, with a primary supervisor assigned for close monitoring and consultation during the program’s first year.

You can pursue a PhD at many Turkish universities on a full-time or part-time basis, which slightly extends the study duration. In this case, you must submit your documents, obtain a visa, and get a work permit in Turkey if you plan to work.

Advantages of PhD Degree in Turkey

Several reasons and factors make studying for a PhD in Turkish universities a popular choice among international Arab and foreign students. Some of the most important ones include:

Quality of educational standards and good global rankings for most universities and colleges in Turkey.

Lower annual tuition fees and monthly living expenses in Turkey compared to many European and American countries.

Many Turkish universities offer various Programs for the phd degree in English.

One of the significant advantages of studying for a PhD in Turkey is the opportunity to benefit from employment opportunities in the tourism sector. Turkey is one of the leading countries attracting thousands of tourists annually, allowing researchers to meet their living expenses while pursuing their doctoral studies.

Requirements for PhD Degree in Turkey

The requirements for studying for a PhD vary from one university to another, but there are common documents that most universities require for application:

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree certificates with a minimum GPA, usually not less than 2.5 in some universities.
  • Foreign language proficiency certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, or other language proficiency certificates).
  • Turkish language proficiency certificate.
  • Research proposal.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Competency test or acceptance test such as GMAT, GRE, or ALES.
  • Recommendation letters.
  • Passport photo.
  • Student visa.

Note: If the student does not have a language proficiency certificate, the student is required to take a language test. If the student fails to achieve the required score, attending a preparatory language year provided by Turkish universities is mandatory.

Applying for a PhD Degree through OK TAMAM

By contacting us, you can apply for a PhD in Turkey through the OK TAMAM. We are accredited agents for universities in Turkey, and Okey Tamam offers students various packages to choose from, including:

  • Free university admission.
  • Exclusive discounts on Tuition Fees
  • Welcoming the student and their family from the airport.
  • Providing a Turkish phone line and transportation card for the student.
  • Health insurance for treatment in state hospitals.
  • Free educational consultations.
  • Coordination with the university to provide a support letter to the Turkish embassy, facilitating your student visa.
  • Discounts of up to 50% on travel and language study in Europe.


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