Master’s in Law Programs in Turkey

Master's in Law Programs in Turkey

Turkish universities offer a prestigious Master of Laws program delivered by seasoned academics dedicated to shaping legal professionals capable of addressing societal and legal challenges. Students can specialize in either Public Law or Private Law as part of their LLM studies in Turkey.

Explore Master’s in Law in Turkey (Public Law). The objective of the Public Law Master’s Program is to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the economic and international facets of legal sciences. Students gain multidisciplinary perspectives through lectures and seminars conducted by faculty members and renowned public law specialists. This prepares them to tackle contemporary legal issues in our technologically advanced world, fostering the development of expert legal professionals with a profound understanding of modern law.

Delve into a Master’s in Law in Turkey (Private Law). This program guides students in monitoring changes and advancements in various legal domains, including family law, criminal law, human rights laws, commercial law, competition law, intellectual and industrial property law, as well as banking and insurance law. Graduates emerge with the competence to professionally address legal challenges within these areas through the judicial system.

What Students Gain from Pursuing a Master in Law in Turkey?

  1. Develop skills in learning, understanding, distinguishing, comparing, interpreting, and analyzing legal concepts.
  2. Acquire critical evaluation skills essential for resolving legal disputes.
  3. Gain knowledge of international dimensions and modern aspects of law.
  4. Cultivate the persona of a lawyer capable of navigating and contributing to the justice system.
  5. Foster an awareness of the necessity for lifelong learning and self-renewal in the legal field.
  6. Develop the ability to conduct both written and oral scientific studies in the realm of law.
  7. Hone oral and written communication skills specific to the field of law.

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