Master’s Degree in Psychology in Turkey

masters degree in psychology in turkey

Integrating theories and applications of psychology into modern and advanced curricula became crucial. Therefore, pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology in Turkey offers a diverse range of theoretical and practical courses in psychology, psychotherapy, research methods, and assessment. It provides Master’s students with the opportunity to acquire the necessary research skills to efficiently earn their Master’s degree and advance towards obtaining a Ph.D., enabling them to have an academic future working in universities or in the field of clinical psychology in clinics, hospitals, and mental health centers.

Turkish universities have designed Master’s programs in Psychology based on international standards, where students study mental and behavioral disorders, both old and modern theories, to be able to assess, diagnose, identify causes, and provide treatment. Pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology in Turkey also encourages research that comprehensively impacts diagnosis, treatment, and clinical practice.

Students interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology in Turkey can choose from the following programs:

  • Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Advantages of studying Master’s degree in Psychology in Turkey:

Turkish universities support students with the necessary skills for excellence in their professional lives, including:

  • Providing students with a comprehensive understanding of various therapeutic methods and the skills to conduct interviews and assessments and develop appropriate treatment plans.
  • Teaching students the concepts of professional ethics, which are the foundation of ethical behavior in psychotherapy.
  • Equipping students with essential skills related to observation techniques, communication, effective listening, diagnosis, and report writing.
  • Training students to classify disorders that primarily appear at different stages of life, especially in childhood and adolescence.
  • Preparing students with the necessary experience to assess the effectiveness of therapy, present cases, and discuss the challenges they encounter during treatment under the supervision of experts and specialists.
  • Offering students the opportunity to take an applied course to monitor various mental disorders in a real working environment (psychiatric units and mental health centers) to apply the techniques they have learned under the supervision of specialized psychologists.

Top Turkish universities that offer Master’s programs in Psychology include:

  • Bahcesehir University
  • Istanbul Kultur University
  • Istanbul Aydin University

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