Bachelor of Civil Engineering in Turkey

Bachelor of Civil Engineering in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most essential educational destinations for engineering in general. The development and technological advancement in various engineering fields in Turkey encourage students from around the world, especially students from Arab countries, to study civil engineering in Turkey. Students who have completed their high school diploma (baccalaureate) can apply for a bachelor of civil engineering in Turkey at in internationally accredited private universities without complex requirements.

Advantages of studying Civil Engineering in Turkey

  1. Before starting your specialization, you can study civil engineering in English and undergo a preparatory year for English language proficiency.
  2. Strong practical training: Turkey is an industrialized country with a thriving economy, witnessing daily construction activities. Turkish universities also partner with leading companies to provide students with practical, solid training during their studies.
  3. Highly qualified academic staff.
  4. Technological advancement and modern, relevant curricula that meet the future job market requirements.

Requirements for studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in Turkey

The requirements vary depending on the student registration system in Turkish universities:

Students interested in applying for Turkish scholarships must have a high school diploma with a minimum GPA of 70%. Registration for Turkish scholarships begins in January and February of each year. You can follow our Facebook page, “Studying in Turkey,” to stay updated on studying in Turkey and the scholarship application dates. You can also apply directly through us, as we have a team of experienced experts to assist you.

Students wishing to study in government universities in Turkey at their own expense must have a GPA of at least 70% and pass the YÖS (Foreign Student Examination) as an essential requirement for admission. The YÖS is a general aptitude test that requires preparation for a minimum of 3 months. The YÖS exam is held in Turkish universities from April to June every year.

Studying Civil Engineering in Private Universities in Turkey

Studying civil engineering in private Turkish universities is an excellent option, as they do not require specific academic grades. Any GPA above 50% is usually sufficient, and no entrance exams exist. You can obtain admission with your high school diploma and transcript.

Why apply through OK TAMAM?

  • Get your university admission for free without any fees.
  • Offer partial scholarships and exclusive discounts for our students.
  • Assist you in choosing the appropriate specialization for you.
  • Welcome you and your family from the airport.
  • Provide discounted packages for our valued students to help them start their educational journey and settle in Turkey.
  • Arrange with the university to provide a support letter to the Turkish embassy to facilitate your student visa.
  • Offer discounts of up to 50% on European travel and language studies.
  • Provide all educational consultations for free.


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