Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Istanbul

Bahcesehir University

Istanbul European side
Yıldız Mh., Çırağan Caddesi, Osmanpaşa Mektebi Sokak 4-6, Beşiktaş/İstanbul

Bahcesehir University – Istanbul

Bahcesehir University (BAU) is one of the greatest BAU Global Universities. Because BAU Global has many branches in the most distinctive destinations of the world as follows; Berlin, Toronto, Washington DC, Batumi, Cyprus, Hanoi, Kyiv, Puebla, Brockwille. Therefore, the BAU students have the opportunity to apply for BAU’s Summer Abroad Programs, and it is a helpful quit tool for students to improve their mentality and their skills.

BAU was established in 1998 under the slogan “At the heart of Istanbul.” Moreover, it has many exchange programs with Harvard University, Stanford University, Yokogawa University, Berlin Technical University, and MIT. Those programs are provided for both students & the teachers.

Bahcesehir University got an award from the United Nations because of its high quality of education, theoretical & practical, in addition to its agreements with over 800 industries in Turkey and abroad is to provide training opportunities for students. BAU also attracts international students from Arab states, the United States of America, China, France, and South Korea, as well as students from other regions.

BAU provides a good chance for the students to study in English or in Turkish; therefore, all the students can find the appropriate program.

Faculties of BAU University

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • Law Faculty
  • Communication Faculty
  • Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences
  • Architecture and Design Faculty
  • Health Sciences Faculty

Bahcesehir University in Numbers

  • 10 Faculties
  • 1 School of Foreign Languages
  • Vocational School 1
  • 1 Graduate Institute
  • 6 university campuses in Istanbul
  • Over 18,000 undergraduate students
  • Approximately 6,500 graduate students
  • The number of international students in the university is around 7,000
  • 81 student clubs
  • The university has cooperation agreements with 193 universities from 36 different countries
  • There are more than 100 educational programs at the university
  • A library covering an area of 11,400 square meters, including over 250,000 books and journals, in addition to digital documents
  • 8 diverse cafes and restaurants within the campus


The mission of Bahcesehir University is to prepare all the undergraduate students and the postgraduate students to compete in the market, carry out job responsibilities and contribute to enhancing the societies in different aspects as follows: scientifically, cultural knowledge and technological.


Bahcesehir University aims to become one of the leading universities nationally and globally. Moreover, to educate students who are committed to continuous learning, research, and self-development with the respect of other people’s rights through various programs.

Important Information

• BAU Includes nine faculties, two vocational Schools and four postgraduate Schools
• The University has six campuses in Istanbul
• There is over 18 thousand undergraduate students and around 6500 postgraduate students in BAU
• There are around 5000 international students in the University
• BAU has many agreements with 193 Universities in 36 countries
• There is over 100 Academic Programs in BAU
• It has an extensive library of 11,400 square meters, with more than 250,000 books and magazines, as well as digital documents
• It also has five restaurants & cafes on the campus


BAU provides various cultural, sports, and social activities to the students. It also has Gym with all the machines; it also has a conference center that welcomes experts & professionals in various conferences and Job fairs.

The University also provides free transportation services between its campuses in Istanbul by boats, so the international students can enjoy during moving from campus to another, which are located in the heart of Istanbul, Besiktas North, Beşiktaş South, Göztepe ve Galata. Therefore, BAU in Istanbul is the meeting point of art, culture, and business.

Why should you apply through OK TAMAM?

• It supports students to obtain a Turkish visa
• It gives students a Turkish sim card and a transportation card for free
• It helps students to obtain an accommodation in Turkey.
• It provides certification equivalence
• It assigns an employee who will accompany the student and assist him during the university’s registration process
• It helps students in obtaining residency permission
• It provides health insurance for student’s treatment in public hospitals
• It gives free educational consultations to the students during their studies in Turkey

Important note for students who want to enroll in Aviation Course: Fees of the practical aviation training 54 thousand euros, which are paid as installments over the years of study 13,500 euros annually.

Students accommodation

Services provided within housing

  • Laundry at discounted prices
  • Ordinary and dry ironing
  • Complimentary room cleaning by schedule
  • Single or Multi-person rooms for study
  • Free TV Hall
  • Special coffee shop
  • Breakfast and dinner room
  • Large shared hall
Private accommodationSingle, double and triple for the housing systemServices provided
500 $ – 1000 $450$ -560$ – 700 $Rent
50 $ – 150 $Included in the price of accommodationGas, electricity and water bills
10$ – 30$Included in the price of accommodationInternet
150$ – 300$150$ – 300 $Meals
10$ – 30$10$ – 30$Mobile phone
10$ – 30$10$ – 30$Transportation
15$ – 30$15$ – 30$ Activities
150$ – 200$  Annualy150$ – 200$ AnnualyHealth insurance
600$ – 800$650$ – 1150$Total Expenses per month for student
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14 Responses
  1. Can you please guide about the admission in Marketing, eligibility and total expense per month? As I cannot afford at once.

    1. Hello sir,
      The average living and housing varies from person to person, and ranges between 300 and 500 dollars per month, You can contact us via the following numbers (WhatsApp – Direct Call) to know all the details regarding registration.
      Turkey office: 00905492603000

    1. Hello and welcome,
      You can register through us at one of the best private Turkish universities and we guarantee your admission without the need for any additional tests, and without charging any additional costs as we are agents of universities and are not intermediaries.
      You can contact us via the following numbers (WhatsApp – Direct Call) to know all the details regarding registration.
      Turkey office: 00905492603000

    1. Welcome Areeh.
      This program is not available in scholarship programs, you can register at your own expense in this program.
      You can contact us via what’s app number to know more information:
      Turkey office: 00905492603000
      Egypt office: 00201022193998

    1. Hello Lida..
      Yes, you can study an MBA for master degree with Tuition 9000 per Program at Bahcesehir University.
      You can contact us via the following numbers (WhatsApp – direct call) to know all the details regarding registration.
      Turkey Office: 00905492603000
      Egypt Office: 00201111994266

  2. My son is doing Aircraft maintenance engineering technology from Pakistan and is currently in the 5th semester . After completion of his degree do you offer program related to aviation at Masters level and what would be the fee for the suggested program

    1. Hello.
      you can start study at Master of Aviation Management at Istanbul Gelisim University (Non-Thesis) (Turkish) fee 3750 per program.

    1. Hello,
      The medium of instruction for Law in most Turkish universities is Turkish not English so if you interested you would study Turkish language in preparation year first.

    1. Hello..
      .The available program is :Master of Business Administration program in BAU university tuition fees is 9000$ instead of 12000$ in English

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