Beykent University

Istanbul Asian side
Ayazağa Mahallesi, Hadım Koruyolu Cd. No:19, 34398 Sarıyer/İstanbul

Beykent University

Beykent University has begun to receive the first batch of students in 1997/1998, with It has an outstanding location on the European side of Istanbul and is ranked among the world’s top 500 universities in scientific research and innovation according to the SCImago ranking. Beykent University believes in the importance of education and that it is the best solution to meet all challenges at the local level.

It offers all the study programs in 4 campuses in central Istanbul.


Beykent University pursues to become one of the top universities in the world.


The university works on empowering students by taking advantage of all modern techniques and easy access to various sources of information, through an educational and social environment that supports their personal and professional skills and to improve their critical and analytical thinking.

Why Beykent University?

• It is one of the most prestigious private universities in Turkey and it is always enhancing the educational services.
• Beykent University provides its educational services with the latest methods and techniques through an effective educational environment that encourage students to conduct research and innovate under the supervision of academicians and experts.
• The university has over 10 research centers, a center for continuing education and career development, and a distance learning center.
• Beykent University has over 80 student clubs for diverse fields.
• The University is distinguished by its multidisciplinary taught in both languages, English and Turkish, where the university has 4 campuses, including 9 colleges and an academically equipped institute with a variety of postgraduate programs and a number of vocational institutes.
• Beykent University is accredited by the European Union, and many Arab countries are at the top of these countries, Palestine.
• The University also gives great importance to the sports activities, so it has a Gym and a swimming pool.
• The university offers students courses in various fields, which fits each of them in addition to the seminars and conferences organized by the University.

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