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Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul European side
Beşyol Mahallesi, İnönü Cd. No:38, 34295 Küçükçekmece/İstanbul

Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul Aydin University is located in the center of Istanbul and it established by Anatolia Education and Culture Foundation (AKEV). The university welcomes students from all around the world. It is considered one of the best Turkish universities with a global reputation due to its contributions and academic units in scientific and technological fields at both local and international levels. It is recognized by the European Union and several Arab countries, including Syria and Libya.

Istanbul Aydın University aims to be an institution that serves the community through education, providing globally recognized basic and applied research across various disciplines. This is achieved by offering an infrastructure that keeps pace with the required education, training, and research technology. The university also seeks to foster national and international collaborations with academic institutions, companies, and organizations in different sectors.

Istanbul Aydin University in Numbers

  • 14 faculties
  • 3 vocational schools
  • An academically equipped institute for postgraduate studies
  • 70 undergraduate programs, 115 master’s programs, 32 doctoral programs
  • 40,000 students, including approximately 6,500 international students from over 124 countries
  • 1,500 faculty members
  • The employment rate of university graduates has reached 83.6%
  • Collaboration with 475 international universities in 82 countries
  • About 36 scientific research centers and 27 laboratories for medical sciences
  • Owns the Faculty of Dentistry Hospital and Oral Health Center (ADSM)
  • over 90 student clubs

Istanbul Aydin University Faculties

  1. Faculty of Medicine
  2. Faculty of Dentistry
  3. Faculty of Pharmacy
  4. Faculty of Engineering
  5. Faculty of Education
  6. Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  7. Faculty of Fine Arts
  8. Faculty of Law
  9. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  10. Faculty of Communications
  11. Faculty of Architecture and Design
  12. Faculty of Health Sciences
  13. Faculty of Sports Sciences
  14. Faculty of Applied Sciences

Why Istanbul Aydin University?

  • Modern university campuses in Istanbul boast state-of-the-art laboratories, workshops, and well-equipped research centers with the latest technologies
  • The university owns 36 research centers and 165 application laboratories, including two that collaborate with UNESCO
  • The institution houses the Aziz SANCAR Technology Center, one of Turkey’s leading multidisciplinary university technology centers
  • It provides business incubation centers where entrepreneurial students can transform their ideas into actual products
  • The university ensures educational efficiency and quality through experienced faculty members who have gained recognition for their scientific studies in Turkey and globally
  • Students can take training courses in various industrial companies during their studies
  • The university integrates practical education and theoretical application in various educational programs
  • Post-graduation, The university supports students through a lifelong learning approach, offering free career planning services through the employment center
  • Numerous study-abroad opportunities for all students in partner universities abroad
  • The university organizes spring festivals, seminars, conferences, and other recreational activities for students throughout the academic year
  • There is a strong emphasis on student activities and sports, encouraging students to engage in their favorite sports and participate in tournaments

Research Centers and Laboratories at Istanbul Aydin University

  1. Civil Engineering Laboratories: Equipped with modern systems and a rich and contemporary infrastructure, allowing students to conduct tests in structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, and materials engineering.
  2. Aziz SANCAR Technology Center: Includes Food Chemistry Laboratory, Communications and Electronic Energy Laboratory, Chemical Textile Laboratory, Mechanical Laboratory, Mechatronics Laboratories, and Molecular Biology Laboratory.
  3. Food Laboratory: Established to provide applied education in device analysis for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Food Engineering Department.
  4. Africa Research and Applications Center: Aims to enhance Turkish researchers’ interest in the political, economic, and social systems of African countries, analyze cultural, historical, religious, political, and economic relationships between Turkey and Africa, and contribute to defining the role Turkey can play in the future of Africa and the global economy.
  5. Istanbul Aydin University Dental Research Center: Works to provide high-quality services to the community to diagnose and treat oral problems.
  6. Astronomy Sciences Center: Conducts scientific studies in astronomy, aiming to develop and implement projects related to astronomy by providing facilities and suitable environments for research and conducting studies on astronomical imaging.
  7. Career Development Center: Aims to improve the efficiency and capabilities of students, graduates, and academics.

The University’s Policy on Education and Scientific Research

Istanbul Aydın University adopts an advanced policy in education and research to support progress and development at national and international levels, using local and national technology in light of global principles. The university strives to achieve the highest ranking in global classifications with high-level academic education programs. The university’s policy includes:

  1. Developing scientific research methods and providing material and developmental opportunities to realize its vision in this field.
  2. Continuously improving and developing educational processes.
  3. Creating an innovative research and development environment where faculty members and students can follow contemporary developments and support scientific and artistic studies.
  4. Transforming scientific value into economic value.

Istanbul Aydın University aims to be at the forefront of higher education institutions, training, and research and development in national and international rankings.

Please note that:

• Istanbul Aydin University usually requires a 100$ non-refundable application fee from students who apply through e-registration for any major except two majors (medicine & Dentistry) that requires 250$. Students who register through OK TAMAM, they shouldn’t pay any fees but only the medicine or dentistry fees if they want to study medical specializations. Because they are mandatory registration fees.
• The cost for the Orthodontics program is 11 thousand dollars and the student must be eligible for the application requirements with submitting Tomer certificate, which proves the fifth level in the Turkish Language.
• The students who pursue a bachelor’s degree to study medicine or Dentistry must pass the “Yos exam” because of the studying in any of these two majors will be 100% in the Turkish language.
• The tuition fees are paid by undergraduate students in four installments during the academic year.
• Postgraduate students, for the master’s degree, must pay the tuition fees in two installments during the academic year and the Ph.D. tuition fees should be paid in four installments throughout the academic year.
• The vocational school’s tuition fees should be paid in two installments throughout the academic year.

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