Study in Istanbul, Features and Importance

Istanbul is considered one of Turkey’s largest and most significant cities, serving as a vital economic, touristic, and cultural center. It is the only city bridging Europe and Asia, separated by the Bosphorus Strait. Its unique blend combines Western development with Eastern charm, making it close to Arab customs, traditions, and culture. Consequently, to study in Istanbul offers one of the most distinctive experiences, catering to all nationalities. Istanbul houses a range of top Turkish universities, graduating elite students with strong skills capable of commencing their professional careers in Turkey or any other country.

Study in Istanbul 

Istanbul is a unique city, boasting a diverse mix that few countries possess. It’s renowned for its top tourist attractions, museums, and historic mosques, alongside some of the best schools and universities in Turkey and the world at large. It accommodates incoming students from various cultural backgrounds and social or economic statuses. As a result, Istanbul has welcomed thousands of students, tourists, and business professionals over the past years and continues to open its doors to everyone.

Key Tourist Attractions in Istanbul 

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest tourist city and the fourth-largest globally in population density, with around 13 million inhabitants. Despite its size, it is not a crowded city but rather a diverse and harmonious one, welcoming people of various nationalities.

Among the famous areas to visit in Istanbul are Sultan Ahmed and Ortakoy.

Sultan Ahmed is one of the most renowned neighborhoods in Istanbul, housing numerous tourist landmarks like historic mosques, museums, gardens, restaurants, and palaces such as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Topkapi Museum, and Hagia Sophia Museum.

Ortakoy, historically known as the “Sultans’ Resort,” lies adjacent to the Bosphorus, considered Turkey’s vital artery due to its immense significance and size.

Istanbul is also famed for its beautiful streets, like the famous Istiklal Avenue, which is known for shopping, leisurely strolls, and Turkish cuisine in the Taksim area.

Why to Study in Istanbul?

Istanbul’s universities are among the best globally, not only for their high-quality education but also for their diverse lifestyles, catering to all moods and preferences.

Transportation in Istanbul 

Istanbul offers a variety of transportation options suitable for all residents, including trains, subways, buses, ferries, and more. 

Prices vary depending on the mode of transport and distance traveled. *Special discounts are available for students and holders of the Mavi Kartı.

Transportation Fees in Istanbul (July 2022):

  • Regular fare for metro, tram, and government buses: 7.67 Turkish Lira
  • Student fare: 3.74 Turkish Lira

As for the Student Card in Istanbul or the Blue Card (Öğrenci Mavi Kartı) “discounted,” it can be obtained from specific centers for this purpose.

Since these cards are personal, it is against regulations for anyone other than the cardholder to use them. In case of loss, a replacement can be issued, and the previous card will be automatically invalidated and rendered useless.

Universites in Istanbul 

Istanbul hosts a collection of the best universities in Turkey, welcoming students from all around the world to benefit from high-quality education and gain international experiences and expertise.

Some of the best universities in Istanbul include:

  1. Bahcesehir University
  2. Istanbul Medipol University
  3. Istanbul Kultur University
  4. Kadir Has University
  5. Ozyegin University
  6. Istanbul Okan University
  7. Beykent University

You can explore more universities by visiting the page: List of Top Turkish Universities.

Importance of Learning Turkish 

Turkish is one of the most widely spoken languages in many countries worldwide, serving as the official language of Turkey and Cyprus and used by minorities in several countries. The interest in learning Turkish has increased due to Turkey’s constant efforts to improve education standards in Turkish universities to reach the highest global levels.

Turkish universities have welcomed a large number of foreign students in recent years. These students prefer studying in Turkish universities due to lower costs compared to European universities and the quality of education that competes with the educational systems in global universities.


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