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Kadir Has University

Istanbul European side
Cibali Mahallesi, Kadir Has Ünv., 34083 Fatih/İstanbul

Kadir Has University

Kadir Has University is located in the European side of Istanbul, and it was established in 1997 by Mr. Kadir Has, who dedicated his life to education. Kadir Has University is recognized as one of the top Turkish universities, acknowledged in the European Union and several Arab countries, including Syria, Palestine, and Libya.

Kadir Has University aims to create an environment for education and research at the level of the world’s best universities. The University offers a variety of disciplines in a modern and innovative manner based on principles of innovation and excellence. The University seeks to train graduates capable of objectively addressing problems and producing appropriate solutions.

The Campus

Kadir Has University’s campus is situated in the Fatih district of Istanbul, along the shores of the Golden Horn. It is a distinctive campus that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Its history dates back to the Ottoman Empire in 1884 and has been renovated to become a well-equipped university campus with state-of-the-art technologies. The campus comprises five faculties, an academically-equipped institute for postgraduate studies, and a school for foreign languages.


  1. Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  2. Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences
  3. Faculty of Communication
  4. Faculty of Law
  5. Faculty of Arts and Design


  • Modern classrooms
  • Over 30 laboratories and workshops
  • Library
  • Theater and conference halls
  • Cinema
  • Sports facilities
  • Restaurants and cafeterias

Why Kadir Has University?

  • Teaching methods are based on practical training and follow a project-based learning model
  • The University adheres to international academic quality standards
  • Well-equipped classrooms are provided to accommodate students at the highest level
  • Students have access to the latest advanced technological tools
  • Curriculums are updated annually to respond to global developments and student needs in the technology and business world
  • The University promotes freedom of expression and creative ideas
  • It is open to international collaboration to become a global university in Istanbul
  • Various workshops are offered for students in technical and administrative disciplines
  • The University has a counseling and psychological services center to assist students throughout their academic journey
  • Students are encouraged to participate in sports and join university teams, including football, volleyball, basketball, and swimming
  • Scholarship opportunities are available for academically or athletically outstanding students
  • Students have numerous opportunities to participate in exchange programs in Asia, Europe, and the United States

Kadir Has University Research Centers

Kadir Has University strongly emphasizes scientific research and innovation, offering students opportunities to participate in various research projects. The research centers include:

  • The Center for Energy and Sustainable Development (CESD)
  • Human Rights Research and Practice Center
  • Istanbul Studies Center
  • Women and Family Studies Research Center
  • Center for Cybersecurity & Critical Infrastructure Protection (KHAS_CCIP)
  • Liability Law Research and Practice Center
  • Sport Studies Research Center
  • The Center for International and European Studies (CIES)

Career Office

Besides its well-designed academic programs, Kadir Has University strives to provide free career consultations, internships, and job opportunities at multinational companies, banks, hospitals, and other institutions for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It also offers several CV samples and assists them with how to write a professional letter of interest.

Student Clubs

Kadir Has University supports students to be a part of the student clubs to improve their skills and mentality. Student clubs participate in discussion panels, conferences, sports competitions and events, they also interact with different forms of communications either digital or events like concerts and theaters.

For example, but not limited to

  • Music Club
  • Engineering Club
  • Environment and Zero Waste Club
  • Model United Nations Club
  • Human Rights and Democracy Club
  • Entrepreneur Innovative Leaders Club
  • Photography Club
  • Theater Club
  • Political Science and International Relations Club
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