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Ozyegin University

Istanbul Asian side
Çekmeköy Campus Nişantepe District,Orman Street, 34794 Çekmeköy – İstanbul

Ozyegin University was officially established on May 18, 2007, to contribute to the social development in Turkey and worldwide by using innovative educational means. The University follows the modern educational approaches that can meet the labor market needs in different fields. Therefore, Ozyegin University is one of the top Turkish Universities.

Ozyegin University has developed a comprehensive educational plan that aligns with the needs of the labor market based on several studies conducted in collaboration with business professionals, faculty members, university students, and graduates. These studies focused on the job market requirements and various professions in Turkey and the world. Based on this plan, the university is committed to providing advanced academic education for students, including globally oriented practical training, alongside practical activities that foster direct interaction between students and faculty members.


Ozyegin University campus is the first campus in Turkey that certified by LEED (Certificate of Energy Entrepreneurship & Environmental Design). The campus is situated on 283,000 square meters, that was designed by a leading company, this architecture company also designed Cambridge University buildings.

Ozyegin University campus includes all educational, sports and entertainment facilities that are necessary for promoting the academic development, so it includes:

  • Classrooms equipped with the latest equipment
  • Sports facilities include a gym, football, volleyball, basketball, tennis courts, and a swimming pool
  • Huge Library situated on over 2800 square meter
  • Medical center
  • Student accommodation

Ozyegin University in numbers

  • 7 faculties
  • 3 academically equipped institutes for postgraduate studies
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • 10 research centers
  • 29 research laboratories
  • 23 undergraduate programs
  • 18 master’s programs
  • 10 doctoral programs

Ozyegin University Faculties

  1. Faculty of Engineering
  2. Faculty of Business
  3. Faculty of Social Sciences
  4. Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences
  5. Faculty of Law
  6. Faculty of Architecture and Design
  7. Faculty of Applied Sciences

Why Ozyegin University?

  • Modern campus accredited by LEED, Certificate of Energy Entrepreneurship & Environmental Design
  • Academic distinction and advanced study programs in various engineering, managerial, and technical disciplines
  • Professional support through contracts and partnerships within the business world
  • Strong support for innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors, with a dedicated building for creativity and innovation, encouraging students to share and implement their ideas
  • Sports center with a sports club, swimming pool, and various sports fields for students to engage in their favorite sports
  • The university equipped its aviation college with Turkey’s first aviation simulation center
  • Prestigious accreditation from the International Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) for the business and graduate school of business administration ranks among the best business schools globally
  • Significant emphasis on scientific research and application through 10 research centers in various fields
  • Strong educational standards in various disciplines encompass theoretical and practical aspects of modern laboratories and technical facilities
  • Distinguished faculty dedicated to helping students achieve the highest levels of excellence
  • Training courses and workshops for the personal and professional development of students

Research centers

As Ozyegin University is one of Turkey’s most significant research universities, it improves the projects that aim to serve society, conducts research studies in research centers, develops laboratories, and publishes articles in international magazines. Ozyegin University has 10 research centers in various fields, including Engineering and Technology, Entrepreneurship, Optical Wireless Communications, and Law.


The University has designated the OZU-x building as the hub for student innovation and creativity. The design of the building aims to create a space that supports learning and scientific research while encouraging collaboration and innovation among students. The building features a contemporary design and includes shared indoor and outdoor social areas and a café where students can gather and relax. The building also houses studios, workshops, study spaces, specialized laboratories for engineering and architecture students, and meeting rooms.


Ozyegin University has established numerous partnerships with local and international institutions and companies, aiming to provide students with the opportunity to learn from the best in the field and access professional training opportunities. Among the most significant institutions and companies that the University has formed partnerships with are:

  • AYJET Company for Aviation Professional Training
  • Le Cordon Bleu Company for French Culinary Arts
  • Swissotel

Important Note

For the students who want to register for professional aviation training, please note that there are extra fees for the training in addition to the annual tuition fees. Therefore, the total training fees are 54 thousand dollars; however, the students can pay the installments starting from the second year.

Students accommodation

Ozyegin University provides distinctive student accommodation that combines modernity and comfort, creating a conducive environment for students to enjoy their university experience and studies. The university offers various housing options based on the student’s preferences, including single, double, triple, and quadruple rooms.


  1. Study rooms
  2. Art rooms
  3. Cinema rooms
  4. Television rooms
  5. Cafeterias
  6. Fitness center
  7. Laundry and ironing rooms
  8. Kitchens
  9. Recreational rooms equipped with table tennis and pool tables


  1. Health services through the on-campus medical center
  2. Food services through restaurants and cafeterias
  3. Cleaning services
  4. Maintenance and repair services
  5. Security and surveillance services with CCTV cameras
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