Pros and cons of studying in Turkey

Pros and cons of studying in Turkey
With Turkey’s accession to the Bologna Process in 2001, which many European countries participated in. Turkey has made significant strides in improving its higher education system. The system is designed to conform to the standards of the Bologna Process. Ensuring the quality and compatibility of academic education in Turkish universities, public and private universities, aligned with European education standards. That’s why Turkey has become a leading educational destination for international students. Nevertheless, studying in Turkey may present some challenges or drawbacks, which students should be aware of. If you want to learn about the pros and cons of studying in Turkey and how to overcome any difficulties you may encounter, keep reading.

Advantages (pros) of studying in Turkey

Turkey offers numerous advantages to international students making it a leading educational destination. Here are some of the advantages of studying in Turkey:

  • High quality education system that follows European education standards
  • Turkish universities offer degree certificates that are well-regarded and accredited by many countries worldwide
  • Modern university campuses with state-of-the-art technology and modern facilities, such as advanced classrooms, laboratories, workshops, and advanced research centers equipped with the latest technologies and devices
  • Modern technology infrastructure libraries contain a variety of educational and research resources.
  • Various study programs in different fields. So students can select the program that aligns with their interests and suits them best
  • Turkish universities collaborate with industry leaders through partnerships and offer internship opportunities to students during their studies, providing them with valuable real-world experience before graduation
  • Career and Employment Support Centers, through which students can obtain career advice and assistance in writing their CVs
  • Sports facilities where students can practice their favorite sport, join sports teams, and participate in various sporting events between universities
  • Many Turkish universities are actively participating in several international student exchange programs, such as the Erasmus program

Advantages of the student life in turkey

  • Turkish universities offer a vibrant student life with an array of events and activities that help students develop their skills and practice their hobbies
  • Off-campus student life in Turkey is full of exciting social activities, from attending festivals and musical performances to just hanging out with friends in parks or cafes
  • Studying in a multicultural environment where you can meet new people from various cultures and gain exposure to different ways of life. It also allows you to learn new skills and languages, broadening your knowledge and perspective
  • Studying in one of the best tourist destinations worldwide allows you to visit many significant historical tourist attractions and picturesque landscapes that tourists from all over the world come to
  • Affordable studying and living costs compared to the costs of studying and living in Europe and the United States

Disadvantages (cons) of studying in Turkey and how to overcome them

While Turkey offers many advantages to international students, there might be some potential drawbacks or disadvantages that can be addressed and overcome. These downsides may include the following:

Admission requirements

International students can start their educational journey in Turkey by applying for Turkish scholarships or directly enrolling in Turkish universities at their own expense. But obtaining a Turkish scholarship involves submitting numerous documents and meeting several requirements during the application process. Also, although studying at Turkish public universities is affordable, there are limited seats available to international students, and meeting the requirements to be admitted can take time and effort. The primary admission requirement to be accepted in Turkish public universities is passing the Turkish admission test (YOS). Which varies between universities.

Conversely, Turkish private universities have a more simple enrollment process. Applicants need only to provide their high school and language proficiency certificates.

Tuition fees

Although some students may think that tuition fees at Turkish universities are expensive. They are quite affordable compared to the expenses of studying in Europe or the United States of America, with almost comparable educational quality.

OK TAMAM offers its students special discounts on tuition fees, as we are authorized agents for numerous private Turkish universities.


At the start of your study journey in Turkey, you may experience a sense of isolation and disorientation. This is totally normal, as you leave behind what is familiar to you and venture into a new environment with a different culture. However, this will only be temporary, as you will discover numerous customs and traditions that might be similar to yours. Also, you will find a blend of religions and cultures that coexist harmoniously with mosques and churches in close proximity. Regardless of your cultural background, you will find similarities that connect you with Turkish culture.

Furthermore, being on campus and participating in extracurricular activities allows you to interact with diverse cultures and make new friends. Which can alleviate your feeling of foreignness.

Join the OK TAMAM student community, where you can socialize with other international students and participate in various events and trips organized by OK TAMAM, designed specially to help students in Turkey overcome their feelings of isolation.

Language barrier

Language can pose a significant challenge for international students in Turkey. As Turkish is the predominant language spoken by most of the population and the language of instruction in most Turkish universities. However, this obstacle can be overcome by enrolling in Turkish private universities where English is mostly the language of instruction.

Furthermore, students can take the initiative to learn Turkish by making new friends and practicing their listening and speaking skills. Which can also aid in acquiring basic linguistic terms. The Turkish language is considered one of the easiest languages to learn. Joining a language preparatory school can provide an opportunity to study Turkish to access more scholarly sources and have an overall more fun study experience in Turkey.

Start your study journey in Turkey with OK TAMAM

Now you know all about the pros and cons of studying in turkey. Start your study journey in Turkey with OK TAMAM by contacting us. Our first step is to assist you in selecting the most suitable major and university for your needs and interests. We guarantee free university admission support as well as provide special discounts on tuition fees, as we are accredited agents for universities in Turkey.

We offer a range of packages that students can select from, and they include the following services:

  • free educational consultations to the students during their studies in Turkey
  • support students in obtaining a Turkish visa
  • provide a Turkish sim card and a transportation card for free
  • help students to get accommodation in Turkey
  • provide certification equivalence
  • assign an employee who will accompany the student and assist him during the university’s registration process
  • help students obtain residency permission
  • provide health insurance for student’s treatment in public hospitals


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