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Software Engineering specializes in creating applications and electronic systems, making it a modern engineering faculty department designed to meet the requirements of the modern technology era. It emerged with the advent of computers and mobile phones, aiding in the development of various device systems and the innovation of modern portable devices like laptops, tablets, and other devices.

Importance of Software Engineering

Its importance is driven by the growing daily reliance on computers and electronics that assist people in their daily activities. Computer engineering is centered on developing applications for a variety of purposes that garner worldwide attention for their utility, including the creation of increasingly popular electronic games enjoyed by children, teenagers, and adults alike.

Software engineering also involves updating computer software coding to ensure high quality and efficiency, meeting business needs and aiding effective management across various sectors and establishments. Software engineers contribute to improving the efficiency of previously designed applications or designing new ones.

Software Engineering Curriculum

The duration of study for a Bachelor’s degree is four years, and the curriculum at most Turkish universities includes a variety of study programs, although the content may differ from one university to another. Students should verify the curriculum (Course Description) on the university’s website before registration.

First Academic Year

  • Connection between software and mathematics
  • Physics
  • General introduction to chemistry

Second Academic Year

  • Algebra
  • Programming languages like coding
  • Computer systems
  • Data structures
  • Software security
  • Software engineering analysis and design
  • Data management systems

Third Academic Year

  • Statistics
  • Software project management
  • Numerical analysis
  • Architectural programming

Fourth Academic Year

  • Non-technical aspects of engineering
  • Verification of programming and codes

Turkish universities usually provide practical training for their students on or off-campus during the third and fourth years before graduation, ensuring that students are capable and qualified for employment opportunities in various factories and institutions.

Major Career Fields for Software Engineering Graduates

  • Programmers in private application and computer device companies
  • Technical support personnel in various institutions such as telecommunications companies
  • Technical support staff in banks, hospitals, and institutions
  • Work in the field of computer software research and development

Leading Turkish Universities Offering Software Engineering Prog

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