Işık Üniversitesi

Isik University

Işık Üniversitesi


Istanbul Asian side


Meşrutiyet Mahallesi, Işık Üniversitesi, 34980 Şile/İstanbul

About Işık University

Isik University is one of the top Universities in Turkey because it merges between academic and practical learning with a focus on scientific research. It established in 1996 by the Feyziye Schools Foundation in Istanbul with modern designs and well-equipped libraries, classrooms, sports centers, and galleries.

Isik University has two campuses, one of them located near to the beautiful beaches of Şile, so the University can benefit from this great location and organizes water sports for students as well as various activities, and the other campus is in Maslak where the University organizes cultural events and conferences.

The University includes 5 faculties with 35 undergraduate programs, 2 graduate schools and 2 vocational schools and a school of Foreign Languages.

Why Isik University?

  • It follows the international educational standards that always update the subjects, all printed and e-materials and equipment in laboratories as well as updating the library system.
  • The English Language is the official language of Isik University
  • The University is popular as one of the top research universities in Turkey
  • Isik University has a huge library that provides different sources, electronic and printed sources like national and international Newspapers besides the books as well as the latest researches.

Scientific Research

Isik University is excellent in scientific research; it implies various scientific activities to promote the research approach among the students as the main learning approach. Therefore, the University supports their discoveries, technical researches, and experiments by publishing them in Journals as well as presenting them in scientific conferences to satisfy society’s demands and worldwide.

Student Activities

Isik University has sports centers that allow students having fun with various activities like water sports and climbing, in addition to the computer labs, markets, restaurants, and shops. On the other side, Isik University organizes entertainment events including concerts, festivals and other activities. Therefore, the University is not restricted to academic life but also it concentrates on activities, conferences, seminars, dormitory and medical services.

Student accommodations

TYPE 1. Orange Dorms /2 person room-En suite 11.500 TL (Turkish Lira)
TYPE 2. Red Dorms/ 2 person room-En suite 9.350 TL (Turkish Lira)
TYPE 3. Red Dorms/ 3 person room-En suite 8.300 TL (Turkish Lira)
 TYPE 3. Blue Dorms/2 person room-En suite 9.300 TL (Turkish Lira)
TYPE 4. Blue Dorms /3 person room-En suite 5.800 TL (Turkish Lira )

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