Global trends towards social studies are increasing due to scientific and civilizational expansion, and the growth of human societies. New developments have significantly impacted society, including the emergence of the internet, social media sites, issues related to migration, addiction, and other contemporary social issues that have influenced the lives and evolution of communities. The need for sociologists to study these issues and find effective solutions for social problems has become pressing. The term “sociology” emerged with the need to explain societal phenomena and their laws amidst the intellectual and philosophical expansion of the 18th and 19th centuries. Scholars began their efforts in studies and research, and social studies flourished under the hands of scholars in Europe and the United States during the 20th century; they conducted numerous field research, and educational and academic institutions began to focus on teaching it and graduating specialists in the field.

The French philosopher Auguste Comte, who played a role in defining sociology and determining its laws and paths, was the first to coin the term “sociology.” Many sociologists have made their mark throughout history with their contributions to the field, including the Muslim scholar Ibn Khaldun.

Curriculum for Sociology

By visiting the official website of the university where you want to study, you can learn about the academic program content. Here is the academic program at one of the universities in Turkey:

First Academic Year

  • Understanding Society and Culture
  • Textual Analysis and Effective Communication
  • Politics and Economics
  • World Civilizations

Second Academic Year

  • Sociological Imagination
  • Research Methods
  • Social Anthropology
  • Sociology of Work and Organizations
  • Modern Turkish Formations
  • Urban Sociology Concept

Third Academic Year

  • Political Sociology
  • Social Theories
  • Actual Development of Sociology in Turkey
  • Social Development

Fourth Academic Year

  • Economics and Sociology
  • Historical Studies in Sociology

Example: Click here to learn about the academic program content for sociology at Bahcesehir University Istanbul.

Career Opportunities for Sociology Graduates

  • Working as an expert in social studies in departments of cultural and social affairs, human resources, training, media, and public relations.
  • Working in various government departments such as family centers, social security organizations, development, culture, tourism, and educational institutions.
  • Working in youth and sports centers.
  • Working in the private sector in various company departments, including import, export, marketing, and product development.
  • Working in advertising companies, event organization, as well as in non-governmental organizations (civil society organizations), and other social service institutions.
  • Working in media (television stations, newspapers, magazines, and social media), publishing houses, and survey companies.

Prominent Turkish Universities Offering a Sociology Major

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