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About Nisantasi University

Nisantasi University was established by the Nisantasi Education Foundation after its founding decision in 2009, aiming to provide students with strong academic skills that lead to progress in their professional lives. The university emphasizes scientific thinking and keeping pace with the developments in the digital technology era. Located in the heart of Istanbul, Nisantasi University has expanded and added numerous educational programs, comprising six faculties, an academically equipped institute for postgraduate studies, five vocational schools, and a conservatory.

The university adopts an open educational model for international collaboration, incorporating the latest technological developments, supporting research and development, and focusing on developing innovative products. Nisantasi University strives to develop students’ skills through its project-based educational model, including analytical and critical thinking skills, digital world techniques, integration with artificial intelligence systems, and robotic technologies, aiming to graduate competitive individuals in various current and future professions.

Faculties of Nisantasi University

  1. Faculty of Medicine
  2. Faculty of Dentistry
  3. Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
  4. Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences
  5. Faculty of Arts and Design
  6. Faculty of Health Sciences


Nisantasi University has a modern campus in Maslak, Turkey’s business center. The campus features approximately 200 smart classrooms, 124 laboratories, 8 simulation centers, 7 research centers, and various social, sports, restaurant, and cafeteria facilities.

Why Nisantasi University?

  • Urban University in the heart of Istanbul and one of the fastest-growing and developing universities in Turkey with the first technological campus.
  • The modern educational model emphasizes collaboration between technology, education, and application through projects.
  • Contemporary theoretical and applied curricula in line with international academic quality standards.
  • Wide range of academic programs tailored to meet business needs.
  • Practical training opportunities through labs and simulation centers and professional training opportunities during studies.
  • Opportunities for medical and health specialization students to train in state-owned hospitals.
  • Membership in the Erasmus Student Exchange organization, providing international practical training opportunities.
  • Membership in the European Association of Communication and Advertising Studies (EdCom).
  • Hosting various events and conferences with experts and specialists from around the world.
  • International campus with around 4000 international students, fostering cultural exchange and valuable international relationships.
  • Over 72 active student clubs provide a variety of student activities.
  • Research centers and a project coordination office support students and researchers in expanding the scope of scientific research.
  • Nishnova Center, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Center support students in turning their ideas into real projects.

Student Life

Nisantasi University is committed to providing various activities through student clubs and sports teams, with around 18 sports teams and over 72 student societies. This enables students to engage in their favorite sports, develop their skills, and showcase their talents.

Please Note that:

Regarding to the tuition fees for bachelor degree students and the University installments, the student who has the initial admission and pursuing to complete the final registration process must transfer the first installment specified in the admission letter of 1000$ from the total tuition fees, and Upon the arrival of the student at the university departure to complete the registration process, he should pay the rest of the tuition fees in one installment to complete his final registration.

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