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Management Information Systems has become an integral part of the daily lives of individuals, companies, and institutions in the digital era, with the widespread use of computer applications. Information technology plays a crucial role in companies’ communication with their customers, improving internal operational efficiency, and developing new products and services. Consequently, companies and institutions have replaced traditional methods with information technology solutions to save time and effort and accomplish work efficiently and with high quality.

For this purpose, various companies and institutions need to employ managers who understand business operations, can identify their requirements, follow technological advancements, and understand their optimal utilization.

The Management Information Systems major integrates information technology with management systems, using hardware and software as tools to solve business and organizational problems. In other words, Management Information Systems combines business principles such as accounting and management with computer science studies and the use of computer technologies.

Studying Management Information Systems in Turkey takes four years, and the study is conducted in either English or Turkish. Management Information Systems students must have a strong interest in technology and a desire to use technology to improve and develop life and to keep up with future developments in information technology.

Importance of Management Information Systems Specialization

  • Management Information Systems is a major branch in various universities. It facilitates integration, control, coordination, and management in different functional areas such as general management, financial management, product management, marketing management, and human resources management.
  • Management Information Systems provides necessary benefits and standards for companies’ and institutions’ development and progress, contributing to productivity enhancement, improving efficiency levels, developing and innovating modern services, products, and business models. Additionally, it facilitates decision-making and better planning to improve the company’s strategy, achieve desired results in the least time, effort, and cost possible.
  • Management Information Systems specialization is among the most preferred academic programs for many students, given the increasing demand for information technology products and companies, as well as reliance on technology in modern markets. Therefore, graduates who have a broad understanding of information technology systems and technologies and the ability to anticipate the future of Management Information Systems are of great importance to companies and institutions in various industries.


Please visit the official university website where you wish to study to learn about the Curriculum for Management Information Systems Program. Below is an example of the academic program content offered at one of the Turkish universities.

First Academic Year

Courses are mainly shared with other programs and include:

  • Introduction to Computer Technology
  • Turkish Language and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Accounting

Second Academic Year

  • Statistics
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Management Processes
  • Management Skills

Third Academic Year

  • Data Analysis and Extraction
  • Information Systems
  • Introduction to Social Sciences
  • Finance
  • Information Security

Fourth Academic Year

  • Innovation and Technology Management
  • Preparation of Applied Project and Thesis

Example: Click here to view the content of the academic program for the Information Systems Management major at the Istanbul Medipol University

Mission of Management Information Systems Graduates

  • Meeting companies’ needs for collecting, storing, processing, distributing, and providing information correctly
  • Contributing to easier planning and analysis of various data, fast documentation, and retrieval of information
  • Managing information at all levels, making operational decisions, and providing accurate, detailed reports
  • Strategic planning of information systems and their development

Career Opportunities

  • Systems Analysis
  • Network Management
  • Database Management, Processing, and Design
  • Analysis and Design of Information Systems
  • Testing and reviewing Information Systems
  • Analysis, design, and operation of business management systems
  • Quality Systems in Information Systems
  • Systems support and technical support
  • Development and marketing of information systems

Leading Turkish Universities Offering Management Information Systems Programs

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