Admission Requirements for Turkish Universities

Admission Requirements for Turkish Universities

Different nationalities are living in turkey and many more are planning to come. Regardless of their different purposes, we’ve come to realize through the last couple of years that Turkish universities are attracting international students especially Arab and African students each year. Does it relate to Admission Requirements for Turkish Universities!

Have you ever thought about the reasons behind increasing the number of international students’ who register in Turkish Universities?

Not only because of they consider as the best universities worldwide, but also their requirements are easily achievable. Unlike Other Universities in European countries, Turkish Universities don’t put difficult Admission requirements like GPA, Proof of language proficiency or any other certificates.

Admission Requirements for Turkish Universities

Public universities

Public universities in Turkey require passing their admission test, which is called Yös test, which is generally used by public universities in Turkey as important criteria for students applying in any of them. It also gives the admission priority to those who are applying with the highest marks and strong applications in public universities in Turkey. However, no one can guarantee getting the admission in public universities. So, the admission depends on the evaluation committee and student’s application form.

Private universities

In the Other side, private universities in Turkey don’t require complicated admission requirements. So, with the only high school certificate, the student can register in private universities without any need to submit international certificates like YOS or SAT.

Here are the admission requirements for private Turkish universities as follow:
• Student must have completed the high school
• Students should submit English proficiency certificate or any other credible proof. However, if the student doesn’t have any proof, he can take English test in the Turkish University. If he passed the test, he will directly start his major program, and if not, he has to study a one year of English preparation course in the Turkish University.
• Must obtain the initial acceptance by registering through OK TAMAM group without returning fees. And the registration requires a copy of, the passport, high school certificate, the transcript and a personal photo.
• Pay the first tuition fees installment to the university’s bank account, to obtain the final admission.
• The student must apply for the Turkish visa. After that, he can travel to Turkey to complete his university registration and start studying.

The priority of admission in the public Turkish universities depends on each student’s profile which include high school scores. And the admission goes for the best profile. Some universities also require acceptance rates above 80%.

Private Turkish universities don’t require high scores of high school, as the student can register with any academic rate above 50% to study any of the majors, except for medical programs. Although, some universities require higher rates for studying medical majors, which may reach 75% or more.


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