Study Medicine in Turkey for International Students

Study Medicine in Turkey for International Students

Many Students who want to study Medicine, are looking for the best quality of education with the most affordable price. If the international students wants to reach the best results and all what they are searching for. Turkey is the ideal educational destination, popular by the modern techniques especially in the medical universities. That’s why taking the decision to study Medicine in Turkey for International Students is the best decision.

Study Medicine in Turkey for International Students

By choosing Turkey, Students will not just receive a certificate from an European University but they will also learn effectively theoritical & practical.

What Turkish Universities offer to the medical students?

  • Modern educational methods in the classrooms by encouraging students to participate in the discussions.
  • Practical learning opportunities by attending clinics,Universities hospitals and workshops.
  • Research Centers and well-equipped laboratories
  • Internship Opportunities outside the campus at any of the hospitals that have a mutual agreement with the University.
  • Affordable tuition fees.
  • Turkish Universities offering medical programs in English and Turkish, so the students can choose what they prefer.

3 Reasons to study in Turkey for International Students

      1.High quality of education according to QS World University Rankings

International students prefer studying in Turkey where they can find high educational standards. Most of the turkish universities are among the best Universities worldwide. That is because of its modern techniques and equipped campuses.

      2. Affordable living expenses and tuition fees

Comparing to other european countries, Turkey is popular by the lowest cost of living. So, International students can spend monthly from 300 – 500$ however the exact living expenses depend on each student. In Turkey, there are many choices for the accommodation, like University dorms, studios, private apartments.

International students can receive the highest quality of education with the lowest Tuition fees.

       3. Friendly Turkish People and safe country

Turkish People are so nice and welcoming foreign tourists, students and all nationalities without any discrimination. Turks are also so helpful and giving a hand whenever it needs to anyone.

Best Universities to Study Medicine in Turkey for International Students


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