Istanbul Atlas University

Istanbul Atlas University

İstanbul Atlas Üniversitesi


Istanbul European side


Hamidiye, Anadolu Cd. no:40, 34408, 34408 Kâğıthane/İstanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Atlas University

Istanbul Atlas University Campus is located on a huge area of 110.000 m2 in KAĞITHANE İSTANBUL. The campus is close enough to the centers like Şişli, Beşiktaş, Sarıyer, Taksim, Levent, and Maslak. And it should be noted that Istanbul Atlas University includes a number of experienced teaching members who can provide high academic learning while leading the students and supervising researches, innovations, and other assignments.

The University believes in the importance of quality education as it is the most important and common factor for countries’ development, for that reason it offers high academic programs and is considered as one of the top universities in Turkey.

Istanbul Atlas University Campus includes a research and application dentistry center, equipped with sufficient and modern techniques, in addition to 18 operating rooms, 19 modern laboratories, and a large library on 2.500. It also includes 600 translation rooms and activities area including a gym on 1000 m2.

Why Istanbul Atlas University?

• It has a safe and efficient infrastructure
• It transfers scientific research, information, and innovations into real services and high-quality products.
• Life at Istanbul Atlas University isn’t limited only to academic education, but also allows students to improve their personal skills in a healthy environment where they can participate in sports, cultural, and social activities.
• It supports all research studies

Istanbul Atlas University Hospitals

Medicine Faculty Hospital: For more than 20 years it gained the confidence of its patients and continues its services as a successful health institution which is distinguished by the quality of its health services. The hospital includes a modern building equipped with the latest equipment, 18 operating rooms, a meeting room with a capacity of 250 people, and 10 classrooms. And it provides practical training to medical students.

Faculty of Dentistry Hospital (ADSUAM): It includes dental laboratories, simulation laboratories, and clinics on 2000 m2. The hospital provides modern and advanced functional and aesthetic treatment methods and provides high-quality health services using good materials, devices, and treatment methods.

Istanbul Atlas University Laboratories

Innovation Laboratories: Focusing on informatics and artificial intelligence, these laboratories include the latest computers, 3D printers, and prototyping equipment, providing various equipment needed for creative projects, modern inventions, start-up projects, and creative products.
X Labs: Social sciences labs at Atlas University and they specialize in training practices for the students of the psychology department. These labs open different windows for thought and art by combining the experiences of many academics, experts, and artists in seminars and workshops.

Why should you apply through OK TAMAM?

• It supports students to obtain a Turkish visa
• It gives students a Turkish sim card and a transportation card for free
• It helps students to obtain accommodation in Turkey.
• It provides certification equivalence
• It assigns an employee who will accompany the student and assist him during the university’s registration process
• It helps students in obtaining residency permission
• It provides health insurance for student’s treatment in public hospitals
• It gives free educational consultations to the students during their studies in Turkey

Department Duration (years) Language Tuition Fees Before Discount Tuition Fees After Discount
Medicine 6 English 17000$ 15300$
Medicine 6 Turkish 14000$ 12600$
Dentistry 5 English 16000$ 14400$
Dentistry 5 Turkish 13000$ 11700$
Nursing 4 English 3500$ 3150$
Speech and Language Therapy 4 English 3500$ 3150$
Industrial Engineering 4 English 3500$ 3150$
Software Engineering 4 English 3500$ 3150$
Molecular Biology and Genetics 4 English 3500$ 3150$
Psychology 4 English 3500$ 3150$
Business 4 English 3500$ 3150$
English Language & Literature 4 English 3000$ 2700$
Translation & Interpretation 4 Turkish 3000$ 2700$
Computer Engineering 4 Turkish 3000$ 2700$
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 4 Turkish 3000$ 2700$
Nutrition and Dietetics 4 Turkish 3000$ 2700$
Speech and Language Therapy 4 Turkish 3000$ 2700$
Nursing 4 Turkish 3000$ 2700$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4 Turkish 3000$ 2700$
Psychology 4 Turkish 3000$ 2700$
Ergotherapy 4 Turkish 3000$ 2700$
Midwifery 4 Turkish 3000$ 2700$
English Preparation 1 English 3500$ 3150$
Turkish Language Course / TÖMER (5-levels) 1 Turkish 1000$ 900$
Department with Thesis / Non-thesis  Language Tuition Fees Before Discount Tuition Fees After Discount
Master’s in Speech and Language Therapy with Thesis Turkish 7000$ 3500$
Master’s in Physiotherapy with Thesis Turkish 7000$ 3500$
Master’s in Ergotherapy with Thesis Turkish 7000$ 3500$
Master’s in Midwifery Non-thesis Turkish 7000$ 2000$
Master’s in Molecular Bıology And Genetıcs with Thesis Turkish 7000$ 3500$
Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics with Thesis Turkish 7000$ 3500$
Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics Non-thesis Turkish 7000$ 2000$
Master Of Midwifery Thesis Turkish 7000$ 4000$
Thesis Fee 1000$ 1000$
Department Duration (years) Language Tuition Fees Before Discount Tuition Fees After Discount
Oral and Dental Health 2 Turkish 2000$ 1800$
Operating Room Services 2 Turkish 2000$ 1800$
Anesthesia 2 Turkish 2000$ 1800$
Dental Prosthesis Technology 2 Turkish 2000$ 1800$
Dialysis 2 Turkish 2000$ 1800$
Physiotherapy 2 Turkish 2000$ 1800$
First and Emergency Aid 2 Turkish 2000$ 1800$
Optician 2 Turkish 2000$ 1800$
Medical Imaging Techniques 2 Turkish 2000$ 1800$
Medical laboratory Techniques 2 Turkish 2000$ 1800$

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