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Public Relations is one of the most important disciplines that emerged in the early 19th century when businessmen and academics began to inquire about the most effective ways to build successful relationships with others, communicate with clients, and increase profits through an external network of relationships via conferences, events, and meetings. However, it flourished in the 20th century with the increase in global investment activity and the establishment of numerous advertising agencies.

After graduation, graduates can combine more than one field with public relations. For example, there are students who wish to delve into electronic journalism to work in magazines and edit advertising content. In addition, this department is essential for entrepreneurs and small projects that need support from governments, people, and large institutions.

Importance of Studying Public Relations

The business sector and government entities need public relations specialists due to the importance of effective communication with clients or the public and strong relationships with peer companies to increase contracts and expand globally. Moreover, public relations is integral to proper management, whether within or outside the institution, by creating a positive environment that helps employees work efficiently and feel a sense of belonging to that institution.

Curriculum for Public Relations Programs

The duration of study at Turkish universities is four years for the bachelor’s degree, and the curriculum at most Turkish universities includes a variety of study programs. However, the content may vary from one university to another, so students should check the Course Description on the university’s website they wish to enroll in before registration.

First Academic Year

  • Communications and Business Strategy
  • Communication Skills and Academic Report Writing (two parts)
  • Media and Communication Theories
  • Introduction to the Specialization
  • Sociology
  • Basics of Psychology
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Corporate Communications
  • General Introduction to Society, Culture, and Art

Second Academic Year

  • Learning Writing for Public Relations (two parts)
  • Media Relations
  • Innovative Communication
  • Cases
  • Research in Social Sciences
  • Persuasion
  • Accounting Management
  • Visual Communication Design

Third Academic Year

  • Public Relations Strategy and Management
  • Public Relations Cases (Part Two)

Fourth Academic Year

  • Advanced Studies in Public Relations (two parts)
  • Advertising Campaigns (two parts)

Turkish universities usually provide practical training for their students within or outside university campuses during the third and fourth years before graduation to ensure students’ ability and qualification for job opportunities in various companies and public and private institutions.

Job Opportunities for Graduates

  • Various companies and projects
  • Government agencies and ministries
  • Diverse institutions and international organizations
  • Charities and non-profit organizations
  • Embassies
  • Advertising agencies and magazines

Leading Turkish Universities Offering Public Relations Major

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