Majors International Relations and Political Science

Although Greek philosophers like Aristotle were aware of political phenomena and left many writings and intellectual productions on governance and the state, they did not expand on political science as an independent discipline from other social sciences. The door to political research and the study of international relations opened after World War II. The phenomena of political science became more diverse, new political entities emerged, intellectual freedom appeared, and social sciences advanced generally. Thus, the concept of political science as the discipline studying political behavior and phenomena is relatively modern and has evolved over time with the evolution of political systems and various political phenomena such as governance systems, constitutions, political parties, public opinion, opposition groups, and the political, social, and cultural relations between countries.

Currently, various universities around the world offer majors in Political Science and International Relations, but some universities distinguish between the two, considering Political Science a separate specialty from International Relations.

What skills are required to be acquired during the study period?

  • The ability to apply theoretical, conceptual, and methodological knowledge in the fields of Political Science and International Relations
  • The critical and analytical evaluation of political issues and problems
  • The ability to identify and address problems at national, regional, and global levels in their historical contexts
  • The ability to evaluate and discuss the causes and effects of political, economic, social, and cultural events and processes
  • The ability to conduct research on issues not only related to Political Science and International Relations but also other areas in the social sciences and humanities
  • Openness to different intellectual traditions and the ability to develop ideas
  • The ability to use communication and information techniques necessary in Political Science and other fields of social sciences and humanities

Curriculum of Political Science and International Relations

The duration of study for the major of Political Science and International Relations in Turkey is 4 years, with the languages of instruction being English or Turkish. The curriculum varies from one university to another, and you can visit the website of the university you wish to enroll in for all the details about the specialty.

First Academic Year

  • Political Science
  • Fundamental issues, discussions, and research in Sociology
  • International Politics
  • Foreign Policy Strategies
  • The emergence of civilizations and human development
  • Basic Legal Principles
  • Positive Psychology and Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking

Second Academic Year

  • Modern Political Thought
  • Historical Development of Political Thought
  • History of International Relations
  • International Law
  • General Sociology
  • Concepts and Methodologies in Psychology
  • Political Theory
  • Constitutional Law

Third Academic Year

  • International Organizations
  • Comparative Political Systems
  • Theories of Democracy and Social Movements
  • Concept of Political Development
  • International Political Economy
  • Political Psychology
  • Theories of International Relations
  • Evolution of Political Thought
  • Theories of Imperialism
  • Public Diplomacy
  • International Development
  • General Economy
  • International Migration Issues
  • Political Anthropology

Fourth Academic Year

  • Graduation Project
  • Transboundary Water Issues and International Relations
  • American Politics and Social Structure
  • Political and Social Structure of Africa

Career Opportunities for Graduates

  • Work in the diplomatic corps, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and embassies
  • Work as an economic or international relations expert
  • Work as a political analyst and expert
  • Work as a journalist or broadcaster in local and international news agencies

Prominent Turkish Universities Offering Political Science and International Relations

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