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Architectural Engineering (Architecture) is one of the oldest engineering disciplines, dating back approximately 4000 years BC. It is considered the foundation of various civilizations, including the Pharaonic, Ottoman, Chinese, And other ancient civilizations that built the greatest buildings and ancient architectural designs in their eras. Urbanization began to develop over time, and architectural styles varied from time to time.

Therefore, architecture is the cornerstone of civilizations and the central pillar of urban development. Architecture specializes in designing buildings and residential complexes by following the necessary standards and proportions for residential units, whether villas, apartments, studios, hotels, tourist villages, or resorts.

Importance of Architectural Engineering Specialization

The importance of studying architectural engineering lies in supporting civil engineers as well, through architectural designs and engineering studies, to start the construction phase on-site, oversee the work of technicians, and supervise the implementation. During the design process, architectural engineering also considers the environmental and geological phenomena of the area in need of urbanization and adjacent facilities.

Curriculum for Architectural Engineering Specialization

The bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering at Turkish universities lasts four years. The curriculum in most Turkish universities includes a variety of study programs, although the content may vary from one university to another. Therefore, students should verify the course description on the university’s website they intend to study at before registration.

First Academic Year

  • Fundamentals of Architectural Design
  • Graphic and Visual Communication for Architecture
  • Introduction to Arts and Architecture
  • Mathematics

Second Academic Year

  • Architectural Design
  • Computing and Design
  • Theory and History of Architecture
  • Shaping Systems
  • Construction Techniques

Third Academic Year

  • Advanced Study in Architectural Design
  • Environmental Control and Sustainability

Fourth Academic Year

  • Advanced Study in Architectural Design
  • Architectural and Civilizational Debates

Example: Click here to see the subjects taught for the Architectural Engineering specialization at Ozyegin University.

Job Opportunities for Architectural Engineering Graduates

  • Working in engineering offices
  • Working in real estate companies
  • Working as architectural consultants for the Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction or governmental bodies
  • Working as faculty members in engineering colleges and design departments
  • Working as project manager for engineering projects
  • Consultants for architectural sites

Leading Turkish Universities Offering Architectural Engineering Programs

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