Turkey – A Gateway to Europe

Turkey is a fast developing country that is strategically located at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. It also serves as a geopolitical, social, and cultural bridge between Europe and Asia.

Turkey is one of the most popular Asian European locations. It welcomes thousands of international students and tourists throughout the year. If you’re interested in the arts, architecture, or world history, studying in Turkey is one of the best choices. 

Turkey Follows European System of Education 

Turkey is the place to be if you are looking for a wide range of academic options. There are various reasons to study in Turkey, including good education, beautiful towns, fantastic cuisine, affordable living costs, and numerous and noteworthy tourist attractions. Studying in Turkey for Asian students has gained popularity due to the widespread use of English as a communication medium, which allows students from all over Asia to participate. Studying in Turkey is appealing to Asian students since the level of education is outstanding at both private and public schools.

Turkey has around 207 universities and a population of ~82 million people. The students population is close to 8 million. Turkey is the first country in the European Higher Education Area with this number of students. 207 universities offer nearly 60.000 different courses.

You will undoubtedly find a university and a programme that suits you. It’s a bold claim, but it’s true and widely accepted around the world. 

Let’s begin with some hard facts: 

Regions must find ways to gain a competitive advantage in the context of globalisation in the face of various uncertain conditions—global economic crisis, pandemic, war, changes in the European Union, and so on.

Regional capabilities to acquire and maintain competitive advantages, on the other hand, are dependent on human resources – regional specialists.Specialists who make decisions, formulate public policy, and carry out various activities in the public, private, and non-governmental sectors are the most valuable resources for regions because they can ensure the attraction of investments as well as the economic and social welfare of regional society.

Work Opportunities in Europe after Studying, from Turkey 

Studying in Turkey has a strong European component as it involves working with a European group of teachers who provide in-depth knowledge and skills for applying, adapting, and developing regional development and governance tools in European contexts.

The learning procedures developed in Turkey open up opportunities for European counseling and greater network cooperation; as a result, students can conduct international comparative research using the most recent scientific sources and regional policy sources, i.e., to professionally research, analyze, and debate the economic, social, political, and legal problems of several countries in the region, as well as to evaluate their proposed solutions as well.

If graduates from Turkish universities look for work in Europe, they can have opportunities in:

  1. Government and public administration institutions, 
  2. Businesses, 
  3. Regional development and consulting agencies, 
  4. Non-governmental organizations
  5. Research centers

Endless Opportunities Now Await You:

Studying in Turkey can help individuals get so many great options in Europe. Turkey, the gateway between Europe and the Middle East, is a vast country with strong cultural and political influences. Turkey has long been a key player in both;

  • Europe 
  • Middle East 

This is still reflected in Turkish culture, customs, and even the Turkish language today. The Lifelong Learning Strategies main goal is to ensure that every citizen has lifelong access to educational opportunities to develop their skills and competences at every stage of life and with regard to individual needs and circumstances, so that everyone can realize their potential in personal, work, and civic life.


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