Study in Istanbul for International Students

Study in Istanbul for International Students

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Europe. Most people think by mistaken that Istanbul is the capital of Turkey not Ankara, due to it’s a remarkable reputation worldwide. Although, Istanbul is not the capital but it is a heart of Turkey that bridges Asia and Europe together. It has a rich history, diverse cultures, and best Universities in Turkey. Also, Istanbul is the best educational destinations especially for Arab and African students.

Study in Istanbul for International Students

Unlike any other European cities, Istanbul creates a mix between all nationalities and religions without any kind of discrimination. Consequently, the number of Arab and African students especially nigerians has increased for the last couple of years in Istanbul. So, we recommendend to study in Istanbul for International Students.

Why Arab & African Students choose to study in Istanbul?

The Turkish Universities which located in Istanbul are among the best Universities according to Times Higher World University Rankings. And there are several factors in Istanbul affect Arabian and African students decision as follow:

  • Historical, touristic landmarks and architectural masterpieces
  • Multinational companies, large institutions, studios and hospitals
  • Different options for students housing
  • All kinds of food are available with affordable prices
  • Natural and Modern environments
  • Experienced teaching members and experts are invited by the Universities

Studying in Istanbul will give you the international experience you need, besides the diverse cultures and the unlimited opportunities. Our goal is simply to help students getting a better educational opportunities and facilitate the process from registeration to arrival in Istanbul.


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