Most of the Universities worldwide require proof of English Proficiency like the international tests as IELTS and TOEFL. International students should fulfill this requirement if their native language is not English. Therefore all non-speakers English like Arab, African, Asian students should submit the proficiency language certificate during the University’s application. However, international students can study in Turkey without IELTS.

Study in Turkey without IELTS

Turkish Universities don’t require IELTS or TOEFL and provide other options that can measure student’s English proficiency. If the students can pass in any of them, he/she will be accepted. Students also should note that the proof of English proficiency only required when the student choose to study in English or if the program is English medium study. Otherwise, programs are taught in Turkish don’t require it.

Why the Universities in Turkey don’t require IELTS?

The Higher education in Turkey considers as modern and innovative educational system. It provides modern solutions and alternative ways to enable all students to take a chance and study in Turkey without IELTS.

International language tests are not only the criteria to measure the student’s language proficiency. So, if the student doesn’t has an IELTS Certificate, he shouldn’t worry about it. Because Turkish Universities offer other choices to measure the English proficiency.

How the Universities in turkey measure the international students English proficiency?

The Turkish Universities accept international English certificates or any proof. But there are other ways can follow:

• Students can take English Proficiency test in the Turkish University itself.
• Students who aren’t good in English, they can enroll in an English preparation course in the Turkish University.

That’s why the Turkish universities are among the best universities in the world. Because of its flexible requirements, high quality of education, English medium study and affordable tuition fees.