SPARK SCHOLARSHIP, which is a Dutch scholarship and is one of the greatest scholarships in Turkey, is announced for Syrian students.

Spark educational scholarship organization is objected to assist students to pay their fees. This type of assistance is included a specific educational programs and providing living support as well. 50 % of male and 50 % of female will be chosen for this scholarship.

Registration will start in 1.6.2016 till 3.7.2016.

Universities that are included the scholarship, are as mentioned below:

  • Gaziantep University.
  • Adana Technical University.
  • Harran University.

Required Documents:

  • A Secondary school certificate provided by an accredited translation and notarized.
  • An equivalent certificate of Secondary school certificate. If available.
  • ID (Passport or KIMLIK).


Applicants should complete undergraduate education (Secondary stage, or equivalent) and the age is not more than 24 years for applying.

Applicants should be Syrian or Palestinian, carrying for a valid Syrian ID or passport, temporarily governmental protective card or obtaining a valid residence, otherwise applicant registers within UN for asylum affairs.

This scholarship is available only in Turkey.

Applicant should complete his secondary stage and be ready to admit for the University.

Applicant should concern about Arabic language program otherwise he or she will be approved in other program (English or Turkish)

Registration Method:

Press attached link and create an account, then refer to your e-mail for a confirmation message, then sign in to complete registration.

Link for creating an account:
completing registration’s Link:

Official web site and declaring for scholarship…/

For more detail, link


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