New Students Registration Date for GEBZE Technical University

New Students Registration Date for GEBZE Technical University

The university announced that registration is available for new students.

About the University: Kebza was established in 1992 in Kocaely province. This place, where railway transected in Istanbul, is linking two continents; Asia and Europe.

Kocaely is considered one of the most important industrial regions in Marmara and for Turkey in general. It is famed by countryside, sightseeing and in addition to the renewal historical impression.

Registration Date:

Starting on 3.6.2016

Registration Instructions:

Registration is available via the following link: Click Here, Application form here, where it could be printed out, Filled, signed and attached with all documents.

Otherwise, it can be register personally, by mailing within the following address:

Gebze Teknik Üniversitesi Öğrenci İşleri Dairesi Başkanlığı
PK.141, 41400, Gebze, Kocaeli/Türkiye.

Required Documents:

  1. Application Form.
  2. Accredited translation of a copy of secondary school Certificate admitted by the Notary.
  3. Accredited translation of a copy of score statement admitted by the Notary.
  4. Personal Photo.
  5. Passport or KIMLIK.
  6. Student’s balance statement for $1000 (Bank statement may sent for the student)

Application Form’s Link:

Registration link via internet:

Important DATES:

  • Results Announcement: 15/7/2016

  • Registration will be confirmed on 1/8/2016.

  • Confirmation Deadline: 4/8/2016.

  • Turkish Language examination date: 5/8/2016.

  • Date of vacancies exam: 8/8/2016.

  • Vacancies Deadline: 22/8/2016.

  • Vacancies announcing results: 31.8.2016.

  • Vacancies will be confirmed on 19/9/2016.

  • Vacancies Confirmation Deadline: 22/9/2016.

  • Turkish Language examination date: 23/9/2016.


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