Register for Qatar Airways Student Club Program

Student Club Program (Qatar Airways)

International students can now Join Student Club Program powered by Qatar Airways and OK TAMAM Group has a cooperation with Qatar Airways to register in the club and receive all the benefits.
Student club provides many exclusive privileges with four membership tiers, each of them has exclusive benefits – Burgundy, Silver, Platinum and Gold. Any student can register to student club via Qatar airways official website and receive his/her digital membership card.

Qatar Airways Student Privilege Club

  • Students are exempted from any extra fees till 10 KG/ 1 piece for only Burgundy privilege club members. And students who hold platinum, silver, gold memberships will continue to receive the same fees exemption as per the current Privilege Club terms and conditions. But at the time of check-in, all students have to present the digital Student Club card.
  • Student members after graduating can benefit from upgrading to the next level and receive its privileges but must submit some documents like graduation certificate but not limited only to it. It should be noted that the maximum duration of membership is 7 years.
  • The fare discount applicable for 3 flights to the student member by different ratios
    1. The fare discount will be 10% off the published ticket price for the first ticket.
    2. The fare discount will be 15% off the published ticket price for the second ticket.
    3. The fare discount will be 20% off the published ticket price for the third ticket.
  • Students can benefit from super Wi-Fi on selected flights by booking the super Wi-Fi Vouchers on the Qatar Airways official website.
  • Student members receive the super Wi-Fi vouchers 48 hours before the first flight.

Student Club terms & conditions

  • Registration in the student club is mandatory to get club privileges.
  • When student enroll in the student club program, he must provide the expected graduation date and he is responsible to update in the event of any changes.
  • The maximum membership duration to the student club is 7 years.
  • The student member to be eligible for graduate with 1+ Tier benefits, must have travelled at least 1 round trip journey per year. And this round trip cannot be a redemption ticket
  • Students must present the required documents by Qatar airways to be eligible for an upgrade to the next level.
  • Students must present their graduation certificates or any supporting documents related to the graduation within 6 months after the graduation date.
  • Students receive membership digital cards; no cards are issued in physical formats by the privilege club.
  • Qatar airways has absolute and sole power to terminate or suspend membership for any student at any time.
  • The student club offer only valid to the students with a minimum age 18 years old, and no more than 30 years’ old with a valid ID card issued by an educational institute or an official student union or valid student visa or an official acceptance letter issued by an educational institute, in English.
  • Students can get fare discounts via only bookings made with the promo code sent to the student registered email in the confirmation code.
  • All student’s personal data entered on the registration form must be exactly as stated on the passport used to travel.


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