Signing a Partnership Agreement with Brockenhurst College

OK TAMAM Group is delighted to announce its partnership with Brockenhurst College, one of the top colleges in Britain and globally. Located in the New Forest town in southern England, Brockenhurst College boasts a significant and distinguished history in education, having been in the teaching and training field for over 100 years.

Through the joint cooperation between OK TAMAM and Brockenhurst, we at OK TAMAM are pleased to assist students who wish to study at Brockenhurst College by providing exclusive and special discounts unique to OK TAMAM.

Overview of Brockenhurst College 

For more than 100 years, Brockenhurst College has been committed to providing the highest quality of education to its students. Driven by the principle that a passion for learning is the key to success, we are committed to giving full attention to each student. The student is the foundation of the educational process at Brockenhurst and the essential pillar we rely on to shape a new generation capable of facing challenges. The college is committed to providing a friendly, inclusive, and stimulating environment to encourage and empower students to achieve their ambitions and develop their potential.

Due to the high results and rates of its students, graduates from the college can easily apply to and progress into the best universities worldwide, a testament to Brockenhurst College’s academic excellence. As a result, more than 2,700 students from schools in the surrounding area enroll annually to gain strong practical training and enhance their academic opportunities to enroll in top universities. Additionally, over 8,000 students register annually in a variety of skill-building, qualification, professional training programs, and courses tailored for business and industry.

Details on the discounts provided by OK TAMAM for students interested in studying in Britain, specifically at Brockenhurst College will be announced soon.


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