MEF University

MEF University

MEF Üniversitesi


Istanbul European Side


Huzur, Maslak Ayazağa Cd. No:4, 34485 Sarıyer/İstanbul

MEF University

MEF University established by the MEF educational institutions that are well-known by its high quality of education with primary and secondary education in national & international schools. Those institutions have 48 years of experience in the educational field, so they could during that long period supervising over 200 thousand students who have the ability to conduct research and meet the business world needs.

In 2014- 2015, MEF University admitted the first students, and this was the first academic year. Since that time, the University has made huge efforts to provide all innovative techniques in high education and guarantee them with prestigious internationally recognized certificates.


• MEF University prepares students to help them have strong abilities to compete in the national and global world while having good manners and apply them in dealing with their teamwork.
• Support researchers who can contribute to international development in different fields besides their professional success.
• Develop the infrastructure and create a good environment for students, teaching members, and other staff.

Why MEF University?

• It offers innovative educational programs with the latest techniques for the students
• It improves the students’ mentality and helps them strengthen their personal as well as professional skills.
• It creates an effective educational environment by the experienced teaching members.
• It supports scientific research and the leading researchers who specialized in different sectors.
• It has a large library with unlimited access to the research materials, and it is a member in the Liber it’s a French abbreviation of (Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche – Association of European Research Libraries)

MEF Education Approach

The University follows the Flipped Learning Approach, and this approach is an untraditional educational approach that makes students learn through different ways of education like videos, presentations, research materials, and all-new educational technologies that will help them academically and on the personal level.
This approach enables students to think, ask, and discuss more than the traditional educational approach. Gradually, students will find how they really benefit from every subject with a high level of understanding.
So, this innovative approach allows students to transfer from just “gain information” to “discover, think and find conclusions”

Research Center

MEF Center for Research and Best Practices in Learning and Teaching (CELT) aims to provide innovative research techniques that imply with the new century and the continuous educational updates. Consequently, it ensures the effectiveness of flipped learning.

Why should you apply through OK TAMAM?

• It supports students to obtain a Turkish visa
• It gives students a Turkish sim card and a transportation card for free
• It helps students to obtain accommodation in Turkey.
• It provides certification equivalence
• It assigns an employee who will accompany the student and assist him during the university’s registration process
• It helps students in obtaining residency permission
• It provides health insurance for student’s treatment in public hospitals
• It gives free educational consultations to the students during their studies in Turkey

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