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Visual Communication Design

Visual communication refers to conveying ideas through the visual display of information in a creative manner aimed at delivering a specific message to the audience, to persuade them to adopt an idea or take a specific action. Visual communication includes photography, printing, drawing fundamentals, web design, brand identity design, advertising design, and publication design (books, which are more traditional forms of visual communication, with book designers working with authors, editors, illustrators, and photographers to design the entire book). The power and significance of visual communication impact exceed that of verbal and written communication.

A visual communication designer integrates symbols, images, and words to apply and present ideas in a visual form. Visual communication design can be seen as the outcome of ideas and emotions that arise in the designer’s mind, creatively applied to form an image that the audience can see and interact with. The exact origins of the art of visual communication are not determined, but it is one of the creative arts that emerged as a result of advancements in digital communication technologies and the widespread use of multimedia communication tools.

The duration of study for visual communication design in Turkish universities is four years, and the instruction can be in either English or Turkish.

Curriculum for Visual Communication Design

The topics covered by students in this specialization vary, but are generally the same across different universities. However, to confirm the specific courses offered each academic year, it is advisable to visit the university’s website where you wish to enroll.

Here is the content of the visual communication design program at a Turkish university:

First Academic Year

  • Introduction to Communication
  • Political Science
  • Introduction to Law
  • Positive Psychology and Communication Skills
  • Introduction to Basic Design
  • Basic Concepts of Sociology
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Basic Concepts in Philosophy

Second Academic Year

  • Methods and Techniques Used in Social Science Studies
  • Communication Law
  • Graphic Design
  • History of Communication
  • English Language Usage in Communication
  • Basic Concepts of Photography
  • Social Psychology
  • Application of Typographic Design Principles
  • Political Communication
  • Website Design
  • Digital Illustration
  • Entrepreneurship and Project Culture

Third Academic Year

  • Communication Theories
  • Web and Multimedia Applications
  • Visual Perception
  • And elective courses may include:
  • Multimedia Systems and Techniques
  • Visual Texts
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Creative Design and Printing Practices
  • Coding as a Form of Design and Production
  • Modeling and Animation
  • Printing Techniques
  • Anatomical Imaging Techniques
  • Art History
  • History of Visual Communication Design
  • Visual Culture
  • Language of Design and Programming
  • Banner Design
  • Information Design

Fourth Academic Year

  • Graduation Project
  • Professional Training
  • And some elective courses may include:
  • Video Image Techniques and Practices
  • Design and Communication
  • Interactive Media Design
  • Animation
  • Media Environment
  • Digital Game Design
  • Occupational Health and Safety in Communications
  • Design Culture
  • Creative Thinking Techniques

Example: Click here to view the academic program content for Visual Communication Design at Istanbul Aydın University.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Visual communication designers work in:

  • Advertising and marketing agencies
  • Marketing companies
  • Website and application design
  • As graphic designers in offices, advertising companies, and press offices
  • In the field of corporate and organizational brand design

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