Kuwait Turkish Bank

kuveyt turk bank

Kuveyt Turk Bank was established in Turkey in 1989 and is the third Islamic bank in terms of establishment history in the Republic of Turkey.

The bank primarily focuses its services on financing and servicing retail sector institutions and small to medium-sized enterprises through its banking branch network, which has reached about 341 branches. In May 2006, the bank began offering its services under the name Kuveyt Turk Bank.

The bank’s shareholding structure consists of 62.2% ownership by Kuwait Finance House, 18.7% ownership by the Turkish Religious Foundation, 9% by the Islamic Development Bank, 9% by the Kuwaiti Social Security Organization, and 1.04% by other shareholders.

Among the most important values of the bank are correct and sound banking services, justice, equality, professionalism, team spirit, modernity, and security.

The bank provides its banking services electronically over the internet and through smartphone banking and call centers. It is worth noting that Kuveyt Turk Bank has adopted a five-year strategy for the years 2013-2018 with the aim of growing within the Republic of Turkey as well as expanding internationally. Previously, the bank established a branch in the Kingdom of Bahrain and another in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. Recently, it also obtained a preliminary license to operate in Qatar and is looking forward to establishing another bank in the Federal Republic of Germany in the coming period.

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