KATİP GELEBİ UNİVERSİTY is the only university in Turkey that teaches dentistry major in English language. Registration will be opened for new students.

City: it is located in IZMIR.

Rank: it is ranked 8079 globally and 113 domestic.

Registration Procedure

Registration will be through internet and attaching all required documents.

(Note that link will be activated as soon as registration starts).

Registration Date:

Registration will begin in 13.6.2016 till 15.7.2016.


  1. A copy of Secondary certificate translated into Turkish or English language.
  2. A credited translation in Turkish or English language for the Score Transcript.
  3. A copy of the passport or provide a Kemlik.

Registration link: http://ikc.edu.tr/…/592c7957-f04c-4132-8632-a3f53eaaa196.pdf

Accepted certificates’ link: http://ikc.edu.tr/…/99af3918-0628-4b46-943c-9d321912b9dd.pdf

Seat’s Link: http://ikc.edu.tr/UserFiles/1325/sebla.kagnici/99af3918-0628-4b46-943c-9d321912b9dd.pdf seats are mentioned at the end of the page

For more information, Please contact us: Click here


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