Guide to attending International Education Fairs by OK TAMAM Group

OK TAMAM is an international company established in 1992 to provide multiple services to Middle East and European nations. Including but not limited to Educational Services, Business Consultation, Real Estate Investment, and Tourism. It is a renowned company for its experienced educational counselors who provide unique educational services to students who want to study abroad. OK TAMAM Group is thrilled to assist more students in fulfilling their aspirations at the Top Turkish and international universities. This blog will guide you to attending international Education Fairs by OK TAMAM Group for free.

Guide to attending Education Fairs by OK TAMAM Group.

Students always eagerly await education fairs, as they provide an excellent opportunity to meet representatives of European universities in person. Discover more about the university fairs organized by OK TAMAM, and learn about their objectives for both students and parents.

What are the goals of holding Education Fairs?

OK TAMAM Group organizes many education fairs that bring together Turkish and international universities, lecturers, and study-abroad experts. Education fairs offer attendees the opportunity to receive exclusive discounts on tuition fees and participate in informative talks. To inform students and parents about various Universities and equip them with all information required to select the appropriate program.

Fairs Mission is as follows:

  • Introducing potential students to the universities, programs, and study materials available enables them to make the right choices.
  • To allow students to engage with university representatives and become more aware of the student’s life.
  • To inform parents about admission criteria, registration processes, scholarships, and other university services.

6 Reasons to attend study abroad education fairs by OK TAMAM Group

  • Get special offers and discounts on university tuition fees by attending these events.
  • Gather information about studying overseas: These International Education Fairs serve students and their parents to obtain valuable insights into the universities, services and programs, and admission prerequisites.
  • Interact with university representatives in person: university fairs provide students and their parents a platform to communicate with university delegates. This allows them to gather comprehensive information about the academic and student environment and the available curricula and activities.
  • Explore university amenities: Students and their parents can have a firsthand look at the various university facilities, such as laboratories, libraries, sports amenities, university residences, and health facilities. This can aid in making a well-informed educational decision.
  • Gain insights into the experiences of current students: International university fairs present an excellent opportunity to connect with students who have already experienced studying abroad. This enables one to learn more about student life and the experience of studying overseas.
  • Expand one’s network of relationships: Students and their parents can interact with other students, connect with like-minded individuals, and engage with universities.

Furthermore, students can attend fairs at any time during the day. They should Follow the OK TAMAM pages to know the dates and venues to attend the international education fairs or contact us directly.

Also, students should know that education fairs present a significant opportunity for students and their parents to make them more aware of the diverse study in Turkey options and overseas, thus creating more informed decisions regarding their academic pathway. That’s why we present a guide to attending international education fairs by OK TAMAM Group. Lastly, given that the choice of university and the educational program significantly impact a student’s future, attending university fairs can be a crucial step in ensuring that the best possible option is chosen for studying abroad.


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