Dream Study – Careers to Pursue

One of the finest methods to find prospects for foreign employment is to study abroad. However, picking the right country and course is crucial for job placement.

Not all courses will lead to employment in every country. However, there are a selective few courses that can unquestionably increase your prospects of finding employment abroad, particularly in a select few nations.

It all comes down to choosing the appropriate professional path, as well as the course and destination nation. In this article, we will examine the top nations to study in as well as the disciplines international students should study in order to find employment abroad.

For a significant portion of their lives, most people don’t truly know what they want to do. There are others besides you. Thinking about which bachelor’s degree fields are the most flexible will help you overcome the “I don’t know what to do!” panic and give you time to choose the ideal vocation to train for.

Below are our top ten choices:

Computer Science

Starting with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science is one of the wisest moves you can make because every industry uses digital tools. Then, practically any other sector, such as engineering, statistics, the arts, or even archaeology, which increasingly uses visual models and software to analyze data, is open to you as a possible area of specialization.

Interactive and Digital Media and Communications

The media has a significant impact since there are so many events occurring constantly and everywhere. It has a duty and is frequently referred to as the fourth pillar of the state. Media is no longer just a sector of the humanities and creativity in today’s digital world. 

Services & Tourism

Due to their promising job possibilities and employment potential, hospitality and tourism have become fashionable. The tourism and hospitality industry is vibrant and constantly expanding.

Financial, Risk-management, and Insurance Services

In the larger economy, finance is essential. You will have a thorough understanding of the operations and uses of financial markets if you have a degree in finance. Another subject with broad employment opportunities is economics. You will gain knowledge of GDP forecasting and participate in the development of monetary policy.

Aside from abilities in the core subject, finance and economics allow you to gain a wide range of transferable talents. Your options for employment will therefore be endless. There will be plenty of job possibilities worldwide in industries including asset management, broking, investment management, and fintech.

Biotechnology and the Biomedical Sciences

Biotechnology is currently one of the top industries in the world (along with big data, machine learning, renewable energy, and media). Upon earning a degree in biomedical sciences or biotechnology, you can be offered a job with a respectable wage (if not like IT Techies).

Science & Technology

Additionally, it is anticipated that the broad area of engineering services would create a significant amount of work possibilities abroad. Perhaps more so than IT and Computer Science, the basic engineering fields have seen an increase in demand.

Hospital & Pharmacy

By 2023, the pharmaceutical business will experience significant expansion. The healthcare industry will experience rapid expansion as the ageing population (and general population) rises. Healthcare professions include doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and members of the allied health sciences community.


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